Sunday, January 10, 2010

And In At Number Ten, Goes Peter Watt

INSIDE OUT is already 121 in the Amazon chart and has entered the Top 10 Biography chart.

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Anonymous said...

"And In At Number Ten, Goes Peter Watt "

Oh, the irony. Mr Watt in at No 10............

Anonymous said...

Who thought it was a good idea to give this photo of David Cameron the full "Adobe Photoshop Healing Brush Tool" treatment?

He looks like how I expect his waxwork in Madame Tussauds will look.

What a shame that they never made a waxwork of Gordon. It would give us all something to remember him by.

James D said...

I agree that that poster risks chucking Mr Cameron into Uncanny Valley. Though his airbrush joke on Andrew Marr this morning was really quite good.

But well done, Iain. I commend your judgement on this one. I am very much looking forward to reading Mr Watt's book. As, it seems, are many other people.