Sunday, August 02, 2009

The Election Agent - Tonight at 10.45pm on Radio 4

Tune in to the Westminster Hour tonight. From 10.45 they have a 15 programme on election agents, which sounds fascinating. The second part is next week. Giles Edwards, who has produced the programme has written about it HERE.

I learnt much of what I know about constituency politics from two redoubtable agents in Norwich - Phyllis Reeve and Audrey Barker. Both won't mind me saying that they were of the battleaxe variety of agent. They didn't stand for any nonsense from their candidates but what they didn't know about running elections wasn't worth knowing.


Man in the Street said...

Election agents? Ooh, ahh, urm, ah. Are they as disreputable as the MPs they purport to represent?

Anonymous said...

I see the trade union leaders (whose votes Mandy will needif he is ever to get elected Labour leader) have awarded themselves 20% pay rises. Will Mandy criticise these 'fat cats'?

Anonymous said...

According to these union leaders, fat cats can only be found in the private sector just as deluded labour
supporters saying that only Tories send their children to independent schools and selective grammar schools ignoring comprehensive schools.

But to the point-I did not know the agents are so important, like a caddy to a golf player?

strapworld said...

I can tell you, from personal knowledge, as my late father was a conservative party agent,and my knowing many active agents to this day.

They are undervalued, underpaid and treated like slaves by local associations, who pay their wages.

When money is tight in the local association the agent is the first to go.

They are expected to be on top form all day, every day. At the beck and call of 'officers' MP's and Councillors etc. Their tasks are many but they are generally a one man band.

Iain's description of the two women typifies many if not all agents, but that 'dominance'creates animosity, jealousy and even hatred.

My father loved the job but it killed him.