Sunday, August 02, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Sunday

1. Donal Blaney wants to bring back the groat pound note.
2. Shane Greer on merit.
3. Lords of the Blog on the Rwandan genocide fifteen years on.
4. Mark Pack on internet friendships.
5. John Prescott takes Harriet Harman to task.
6. Tom Watson thinks Radio 1 should not be privatised.
7. Guido on a legal spat between Alan Sugar and Quentin Letts.
8. Letters From a Tory reveals an unhealthy obsession with holes.
9. Red Box on a Tory hug.
10. John Redwood on what MPs do in the summer.
11. Slugger O'Toole in gays in Northern Ireland.
12. Platform 10 welcomes TV debatres

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