Wednesday, April 02, 2008

March Statporn

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March saw 239,368 unique visitors (2007 212,725 - up 12.5% year on year). Page impressions were 357,353 (2007 369,696 down 3%). Absolute uniques were 53,255 (2007 - 40,996 - up 30%). I've posted the screenshot which these figures are derived from as a certain blogger has sought to pour doubt on them. Despite being a self-styled interweb "guru", he clearly doesn't understand the difference between unique visitors and absolute visitors. An absolute unique is someone who visits the blog at least once a month (ie 53,255). A unique visitor is someone who visits the blog at least once a day - these are then amalgamated to get the monthly total of 239,368. Note that he provides no evidence to support his own figures, like a screenshot or anything.

Guido believes the MSM blogs are catching up with us in terms of traffic and he's right. In terms of popularity, while traffic on blogs continues to grow, the upward line on the graph is certainly levelling off. One thing I do agree with Bloggerheads on is that it is absolute uniques which are the most important figure. For any one man band blogger like Guido or me to have upwards of 50,000 people read us every month is, I believe, something to be proud of. Others are now catching us up. Dizzy doesn't do Statporn, but if he did, I reckon his figures will have doubled in the last year.

Here are my top 20 linking sites (ie incoming hits) for March, according to Google Analytics.

1. - ConservativeHome 14,980 (13,370)
2. - Guido Fawkes 12,724 (11,087)
3. +2 Daniel Finkelstein & Red Box 6,668 (3,866)
4. -1 PoliticalBetting 5,368 (4,556)
5. -1 Spectator Coffee House 4,421 (4,036)
6. - Dizzy Thinks 3,049 (3,074)
7. - NHS Blog Doctor 1,508 (2, 091)
8. +5 Boulton & Co 1,483 (822
9. - Bloggerheads 1,397, (1,133)
10.-2 Ben Brogan 1,188 (1,279)
11. - Recess Monkey 931 (942)
12. New Telegraph Blogs 798 (-)
13. +1 Chris Paul 795 (791)
14. -2 Biased BBC 793 (840)
15. New Burning our Money 783 (-)
16. - Archbishop Cranmer 783 (685)
17. -7 Devil's Kitchen ↑ 711 (-)
18. - Daily Referendum 656 (507)
19. -2 Paul Linford 640 (649)
20. -1 Tom Watson 524 (507)

Dropping out are Tim Worstall and Adam Smith Institute


Justin said...

he clearly doesn't understand the difference between unique visitors and absolute visitors

Yeah, like you did until you had someone explain it to you. Come off it, Iain. You're being a nihilist.

Iain Dale said...

Yeah, and as usual, you're being a ... [stops himself just in time]

Justin said...

Come, come, Iain. Don't be coy. You didn't get where you are today by mincing your words. Well, you did actually, but you know what I mean.

Curly said...

I see you've paid the bills too!

Reactionary Snob said...

Out of a genuine interest did any of these come from the Snob?


Iain Dale said...

Oh. resorting to homophobia now, are we. Nice.

Iain Dale said...

Curly, it was never a case of not paying the bill. They cancelled the service saying I had faxed them on 28 Jan telling them to do so. Strangely I do not own a fax machine, nor does the guy who handles my hosting for me. They have been unable to produce the fax and have now reinstated the service and cancelled their charges for Feb and March by way of apology! Credit to them for reacting. Still shouldn't have happened though.

Justin said...

Oh come off it, Iain. That's a low blow even for you. Surely not even you are that paranoid? I know you don't fawn over my blog as much as you used to but even you should know I rail against homophobia at any given opportunity. I'd like you to retract that please.

Do you pull up your mate Guido as vociferously when he's publishing pictures of Gordon Brown surrounded by teenage boys? Let me do on your behalf if you haven't got the guts.

I meant mincing metaphorically. I think you're a literary mediocrity - you *mince* your *words*. Geddit?

Iain Dale said...

Believe me, the feeling's mutual. Now, go and play with Timmy. It;s what you do best. I'm sure he is writing his interminable riposte to this post as I write. The tension mounts.

Iain Dale said...

Justin, I accept your assurance it was not meant in that way, but you can forgive me for wondering.

Justin said...

Sorry, I can't forgive you for wondering. You've read enough of my stuff to know better. Let's leave it there.

Anonymous said...

this is getting like a gay break down!

for god sake grow up

A touch of UKIP said...

Can we settle this once and for all?
How big is your bandwidth?

handbags at dawn said...


Admit it - you owe Mad Tim a pint.

Shame he doesn't have much else to rant about on his tedious little blog.

Anonymous said...

How the buggery did you get a homophobic sentiment out of Justins' words?

A bit defensive aren't you?

stuart said...

Impressive numbers. Just one question though: what's the 'bounce rate'?

The Englishman said...

Iain, before another Tim mentions it I think your definition of a unique visitor "someone who visits the blog at least once a day" could do with refining.
It sounds like one has to visit every day, at least once, whereas us Internet Gnus know it means someone who has visited at least once during a day. So you can be counted as a visitor every day of the month - making you count as thirty unique visitors for that month but only one absolute unique. Which is why you are so right to use the absolute number.

Anonymous said...

Make me feel inferior with your stats, why don't you.

Jonny Mac said...

Iain, please, just ignore Tim Ireland. No-one cares what he or his little mates say and engaging with him/them is very boring, and not what people visit your site for.

Anonymous said...

Just completed a YouGov survey and your blog was part of it. Guess you've now made it to the hall of fame.

Anonymous said...

Come on Iain,you've been busted.Do a Hilary Clinton & admit you misspoke!

ian said...

You can define the terms any way you like. But if you want to be taken seriously, perhaps you should use the industry standard definition.

Try visiting here and searching for "unique"|jargon

That site is the electronic division of the ABC (Audit Bureau of Circulation). I think you'll find them suitably respectable.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how difficult it is for you and paul to grab such a simple concept, despite Tim's patience and politeness in explaining it to you both. I'm inclined to think you are both clever people and you just don't want to climb down. You don't need to a maths degree to see that you have been claiming visits as unique visitors. The two are completely different. Your argument that two numbers from google and extremewtfbbq statsmaster or whatever it is called is a non-starter. Your right they are the same because they are counting the same thing. Visits NOT Unique Visitors. I suppose it is an easy mistake to make. Just admit the mistake and sell a little less advertising as a result. Maybe that is why you won't.