Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Daley Dozen: Wednesday

1. Anthony Barnett issues me with a stinging riposte.
2. Cranmer on the Royal Mint's new coin designs.
3. Little Bulldogs spots an inconsistency from The Speaker. Surely not.
4. Daily Brute on Hattie's big day.
5. Norfolk Blogger rails against LibDem inconsistency on the EU. And he's a LibDem!
6. Patrick Hennessy has a solution to the teachers' strike.
7. For some strange reason LibDem Voice fails to mention today's PMQs. Can't fathom it myself.
8. Danny Finkelstein on the 5 worst dressed MPs.
9. Adam Boulton is complaining about travelling with the PM.
10. Why Dizzy doesn't do Stat Porn.
11. Taking Liberties on why Boris is taking liberties with smokers.
12. Liberal England on the brilliance of the Nick Cleggover press operation.


rob's uncle said...

Re: #7: Another site which doesn't mention today's PMQs is:
Another example of [NOT]-joined-up-government?

Tom FD said...

I like how, on Lib Deb Voice, under "Latest comments" it says:

* Interesting things about Brian Paddick: 1

Edland said...

I rather like those new coins. When the brouhaha erupted about the removal of Britannia I was quite upset but the Mint have done well I think.

Trumpeter Lanfried said...

I read Anthony Barnett's piece and his reference to 'the Falklands war [which] introduced the celebration of gratuitous violence as the route to success.'

You say he is normally rather sensible. I am glad to hear it, given that this particular comment is full-strength Guardianista bollocks.

Gratuitous violence indeed! The armed forces of the Crown respond to an invasion of British territory and he calls it 'gratuitous violence'. The man's off his chump.

I suppose I ought to post this on his site really, but I don't like to encourage these people.

Anonymous said...

Hee hee. Iain, you have a new British Airways add up featuring the upper left corner of the Union Flag. Except it's upside down, which is a signal of distress.

British Airways holidays = Britain in distress. LOL

Anonymous said...

xWhere is the Media Tarts list?