Wednesday, March 07, 2007

There's Only Two David Davis's

There was a curious mistake on Comedy Central's The Colbert Report the other night in a report on the military hospital scandal. Colbert reports on the members of Congress that visited the hospital in question, and flags up an image of all these at once (about 15 secs into the video HERE). Who's that chap on the top righthand side? Why, our beloved shadow Home Secretary! Even though he has nothing to do with it. Why? Presumably because some researcher used Google image search without checking they got the right David Davis. The one they were after is a Congressman from Tennesse, whose delightful website you can see HERE. They look so alike, don't they? Easy mistake to make...


Anonymous said...

The US one looks like he's auditioning as a velociraptor for Jurassic Park 4. For all his sharp teeth in practice, I can't see ours letting himself be photographed like that, let alone using the snap on his masthead. The political culture sure is different.

Geoff said...

I personally sympathise with David Davies MP (Monmouth), who will spend his entire Parliamentary career getting phone calls from lazy journalists after "the other one".

He should have stood in the leadership election and really confused everyone.

Anonymous said...

I'm told that "the other DD" (Monmouth) is pretty sharp too.
When the Conseratives Blairesque show comes to an end-who knows?
Good wines tend to be a little older!

Anonymous said...

Dave says-The Conservative party is "remarkably united" behind his wish to keep Britain in Europe.
He really must get out a little more.

Anonymous said...

Indi leader saying dave pointing in two directions at the same time over Europe.

Anonymous said...

Could I be so cheeky as to draw attention to this program :

The Great Global Warming Swindle
9:00pm - 10:35pm
Channel 4

Provocative documentary that sets out to challenge the widely accepted view that man-made carbon dioxide emissions are responsible for global warming. With arguments from leading scientists, the film points to recent research that solar radiation may be a more plausible factor in climate change, and suggests that reducing carbon emissions may not only have little impact on the environment, but may also have unintentional repercussions for third world development.

I've long felt that the global warming/cooling/weather shamanism farce is a massive open goal waiting for an opposition party to score on, not least for the complete failure of the Beeb to apply even minimal journalistic standards to the Greenpeace press releases they keep reading out.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.45 Why not follow the lead given by daves ODS partner the Czech President?
Meeting yesterday-cracks today!
Another stevie winner?

C4' said...

Speaking of David Davis and mistaken identies, why Davis giving a talk on William Willburforce at the next meeting of the Conservative History Group when his colleauge, 18th Century Historian William Hague is publishing a book on Willburforce late this year?

Anonymous said...

Dearest Iain,

Looks like we will have the pleasure of your company in the "Real Fans'" league (TM Coca Cola). It seems Tevez is turning into your Di Canio Mk II (beloved, passionate and foreign, but in a relegation team).

I hate to be a pedant (sort of), but 'West Ham Till I Die' doesn't make any sense. It should be "West Ham 'Til I Die". Till is either a thing you put cash in, or the soil at the front of a glacier. Tevez might not be very quick, but to call him the West Ham Till seems a bit harsh.

Similarly, "there's only two David Davises" or "there's only two David Davis'" are the correct spellings.


A. Pedant Esq

Anonymous said...

See even this blog is not totally geek free!

Anonymous said...

There are only two David Davis's surely ?

And don't get me started on people who pronounce the other David Davies to rhyme with laydeez...

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure the apostrophe is acceptable here unless we are reading it as a contraction of 'Davises'.

Whatever the truth, Davis's is wrong.

Euan Husami said...

Has anybody seen this?

"Guardian Editor Rusbridger in Private Eye
Private Eye, No. 1153, 13 March - 16 March 2006, page 5
While other newspapers gave plenty of coverage to the latest news about Tessa Jowell and David Mills this Monday, the Grauniad buried it at the foot of page 6. But it did run a cartoon on the op-ed page portraying the culture secretary as a blameless victim.

One would expect nothing less. David Mills and Grauniad editor Alan Rusbridger are good friends, regular dinner companions and occasional golfing partners, who both have weekend cottages in the same Gloucestershire village. And Tessa Jowell's best friend, who she first met at Edinburgh University many years ago, is Lindsay Mackie - Rusbridger's wife.

Clarion Notes
The text above was transcribed by Clarion from a printed copy of the magazine."