Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Lord Levy Oozes Hypocrisy

Some chicken, some neck, said Winston Churchill. In the case of Lord Levy, it's a brass neck. He today denounced the "prejudiced and distorted view" of the cash-for-honours affair presented by leaks to the media and asked for public sympathy. Get that onion out your pocket before you read this from PA...
A statement from his solicitor said the "current round of articles in the
media... are partial, contradictory, confused and inaccurate". Neil O'May, of
Bindman and Partners, stressed that Lord Levy, Labour's chief fundraiser who has
been questioned by police on suspicion of conspiracy to pervert the course of
justice as well as about possible breaches of honours regulations,
"categorically denies any wrongdoing whatsoever". The statement from Lord Levy's
solicitor also said the "media-style trial" was placing "an intolerable burden"
on the peer and his family. Mr O'May said in his statement: "Lord Levy
categorically denies any wrong-doing whatsoever, as he has throughout this
lengthy police investigation. The current round of articles in the media, which
are said to be based on leaked material under consideration by the police, are
partial, contradictory, confused and inaccurate. There has been a regular stream
of leaks to the media during this year-long investigation, all of which have
presented a prejudiced and distorted view. Cumulatively, these leaks and reports
have created a climate which does not allow for any fair assessment of the
investigation. Any fair-minded person must realise the intolerable burden that
is placed on Lord Levy and his family by this media-style trial when Lord Levy
is unable to defend himself on these matters whilst the police investigation
continues. Lord Levy respects the importance of maintaining the integrity of the
police inquiry and so is unable to comment further at this time."

I think I'll put that onion back in my pocket. I know for a fact that Lord Levy himself briefs various political editors on national newspapers. Like Guido I would caution you to interpret the phrase "friends of Lord Levy" to mean "Lord Levy himself". So in this regard he is being a complete, total and utter hypocrite. I suppose I should not be surprised.


Hamer Shawcross said...

I always thought that was what "sources close to/friends of" meant.

Clearly I have been made cynical by too many episodes of Yes Minister

Grim Reaper said...

Bindman & Partners has a pretty shop window - why not display Lord-a-leaping Levy there

The Remittance Man said...

"possible breaches of honours regulations"?

That makes it sound like he's simply pissed in the toilet while the train was standing in the station.

How about "possible breach of the criminal law" or even "possible corruption of the system of government"?

And my doctor wonders why my bloody pressure remains sky high and I am developing a worrying desire to wreak extreme violence upon people's heads.

nadders said...

Bliar and co are masters of the media game. They've been at it since the scumbag took over Labour party all those years ago, so a little local difficulty like this is fixable
So how does this sound:

Levy set up as fall guy

Bliars team via controlled leaks place in public domain part of the case against Levy (They always knew the story would come out regardless of injunction)

Levy starts no chance of fair trial line

Bliar & Co slowly and carefully build up the no fair trail story

Case against Levy to CPS, thrown out as no chance of fair trial

A fall guy, but no fall

Ruthie & Powell get great jobs working with Bliars billionaire mates

They fucked us all over Hutton. They'll do it and are doing it again

Anonymous said...

No need to get unduly upset as its all under control following these requests of Mr Fawkes

Right, Guido, I totally sick of this shower now.

Get you and your gunpowder down to Downing Street and sort it for me, please. Report back when done.

Re anonymous of 3.34

Guido make sure you have enough for #'s 10 & 11 please

Trumpeter Lanfried said...

Good to hear that my Lord Levy is feeling the heat.

In the fullness of time he will stand trial. Unfortunately Tony Blair will not be available to give evidence of good character, owing to numerous speaking engagements out of the jurisdiction. But he will write a short letter to the judge, commending "my friend Michael" for all his hard work on behalf of the Labour party.

Anonymous said...

Ian, admit that you and Guido haven't helped by continously mouthing off about it. Your constant babble has made any prosecution difficult at best.

Anonymous said...

Pot calls kettle black shocker.

Iain, I thought better of you.

The Remittance Man said...

By the way, Iain. Do you know if Insp. Yates has signed a book deal yet? I'm sure his memoires will be dynamite.

Maybe, since you're in the trade, you should get in touch asap.

Darcy Dancer, Gentleman said...

I'm surprised there haven't been more references made to the mysterious fire which destroyed his office in Marylebone in November 2005. According to the Evening Standard at the time, 'many of Levy's personal documents were destroyed'. Guido mentioned it last April after a Spectator article about it. Private Eye had mentioned it several times, though in connection with the fact that the building, in a mews, was registered as residential and not as offices. There were suggestions that Levy had misled (lied to) planning officers.
The man doesn't have an honest bone in his body.

jailhouselawyer said...

Bindman & Partners have a very good reputation in the underworld, I am not surprised that Lord Levy has instructed them. However, I must say that the odd client might, allegedly, be a tad shady...

Anonymous said...

"If you wanna squeal to the FBI, we can make a deal, make it worth your while..."

Anonymous said...

But Iain, you only to have to track back to Frank Field's articles for the Guardian in which he refers to 'Cash For Honours' aka 'Loans for Lordships' aka 'Ermine for Vermin' as 'Sailing close to the wind' to know which way the river was running on this one.

If it is any consolation, this is the best of the outcomes available. If charges were brought the speculation would be over for a while, Blair would still be in No. 10, and the trial would not be for years when he was long gone. This long drawn out process, with Tony clearly not being able to take the hint that he should go, and go now, is far more damaging to Nulabour.

Seymour T. Rooth said...

How did the Conservatives develop such a holier-than-thou self-image? New Labour is the son of Thatcherism. On the one hand, everyone blames Blair and co for being the legacy of Tory rule changing the country (for, they say, the better). At the same time, you talk about being rotten to the core. You can't have it both ways.

Lest you forget, you have hired an ex-PR man who went to Eton and Oxford (and was famously a member of the Bullingdon Club) and despite hosting a a slew of ex-Etonians in his shadow cabinet, stil likes to portray himself as the common man's friend.

The hypocrisy and rotten-to-the-coreness you so deplore are as evident in the Conservatives as Labour. Who's the (inadvertent) hypcrite now?

Tone made me do it - he's a bad influence said...

darcy dancer-
Yes gentlemen should have mysterious fires every now and then in the same way as government departments should have "mysterious floods" in their filing departments.

It gets one out of all sorts of bother with the Revenue, ex-wives solicitors, the plod, the bank.

Doesn't work so well with Insurance companies.

Once upon a time it was known as a certain type of ethnic lightning - best done with a candle placed on a tray with meths in it.

You lit the candle and went to say a Rotary club meeting - loads of alibis when your factory/important store of personnel documents burnt down, 2 hours later.

Fun times.

Anonymous said...

Theresa May carving up Jack Straw and the NuLab hypocricy on HOL reform.

In my honest opinion, they know its up, they know its the last week or weeks and its getting ugly.

Straw has been utterly discredited, the government is discredited and predictably the only time May trips up is when she outlines a perfectly sensible argument and then admits she will vote for an 80% elected house. Its utter bollox, If you play politics with your true feeling s you will be tripped up.

cameron wake up

Anonymous said...

Seymour T. Osser

Good argument mate, im convinced. Its all camerons fault.

I dont agree with cameron and wont vote for him beacuse that wouldnt be right.

Whats your excuse for defending this group of 'honourable gentlemen'

Anonymous said...

whatever there was here (very little) has been blown.
But nothing like as badly as Labour in the 80's blew the Mark Thatcher arms stuff.
Now that would have finished mum.

the hidden paw said...

Are Gordon's current whereabouts known?

Anonymous said...

Lord Levy Oozes Hypocrisy

Chutzpah more like.

wrinkled weasel said...
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wrinkled weasel said...

Sleaze and Hypocrisy...don't it just get yah..

Scooter Libby has been convicted..


Former White House aide convicted of obstruction, perjury and lying to FBI in investigation into leak of a CIA operative's identity.

And what is all at the bottom of this? It's the famous, "sixteen words" ...you know, the one's where Bush insisted that Saddam had WMD, in his State of the Union address, proven later to be utterly, and completely FALSE, by a former Ambassador who decided to stand up and tell the truth.

And what did the Administration do?

It responded by blowing his wife's cover as a CIA operative and then making sure that a low level fall guy took the rap when it was obvious someone was going to be prosecuted.

Hi Verity.

Ruth Turner, tread very very carefully.

5:33 PM

Anonymous said...

Keep perspective please

Blair could be innocent on this subject, as could be the others, the bottom line is this;

he is a corrupt loser and I am happy to see him take me to court.

Simon Hughes just confirmed what an utter fukin stupid bellend he is.

If the HIOL was elected they would be free to oppose the government of the day, what a pathetic tool he is

verity said...

I think for hypocrisy oozing, the Olympic Gold Medallist is T Blair.

He makes Lord Levy look warm and genuine.

Man in a shed said...

Since I believe Churchill was referring to England not being over run by the Germans, as one long nosed French man predicted, I'm not sure we should be comparing the country to Lord Levy.

What's at stake here is are some people above justice. (Under the Conservatives ex-ministers were still prosecuted and sent to prison. Justice was done - Seymour T. Rooth take note). Levy and co may be innocent, but our justice system should determine that.

The impression now is of people trying to escape justice on technicalities. The whole basis of justice now looks shaky. Lord Goldsmith cannot be seen to do justice when advising on whether to prosecute - however trust worthy the man is.

The CPS must now prosecute for the good of the country - to establish the truth. No other outcome is going to be acceptable.

The Remittance Man said...

Mr Dancer,

You neglect to mention the rather handy inferno that cut short Lord Cashpoint's first interview with plod. Apparently a nearby building went up in smoke and the nick had to be evacuated. The silver haired one was sent home halfway through his interogation.

Doubtless he and his brief then spent the evening playing scrabble, because they wouldn't have spent it discussing tactics for the next day's questioning, would they?

Verily, it is said, Lord Loan Arranger is watched over by Our Lady of Convenient Conflagrations.

Tone made me do it - he's a bad influence said...

BBC 1 6 o'clock news.

"We go over to Rita Tapravarty live at Downing Street"

In the background the BBC sound mike picks up a street noise that I have never heard in Downing Street before:
the repeated cry of a SINGLE crow sounding out over Downing Street.

(round my way one crow is BAD LUCK!)

Just like in The Simpsons every time there's an outside shot of the Nuclear Power plant.

My mood has lightened.

uk-events said...

Its people like him who cause revolutions to happen.

If only Britons had the gumption.

Instead we accept our lot -

A small political elite playing games within the narrow confines of public policy.

"intolerable burden" - Good.

Perhaps he should take a walk in the woods with a penknife...

...or jump under a bus...

...or join the army...

You get the idea!

Arrogant little fart!

tory boys never grow up said...

While we were on the subject of oozing hypocrisy - perhaps you might want to explain your support for a Party that took loans for greater amounts before the Labour Party from unknown lenders some of whom are overseas residents - and of course your blog never contains unattributable comments. I daresay you have also defended the principle of innocent until proven guilty for people whose views you agree with.

tory boys never grow up said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Can this really be the man who's reported to have gone to a party grinning from ear to ear and wearing a top hat labelled 'Lord Cashpoint'?

'Intolerably burdened'? Doesn't sound like it to me.

Auntie Flo'

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Jailhouselawyer - sailing a little close to the wind aren't we?

Anonymous said...



Hypocrisy. Compare. Contrast. Discuss.

Anonymous said...


What is it about people with the name 'Michael', eh ?

Trumpeter Lanfried said...

I suppose "Lord Levy is furious" makes a change from "Downing Street is furious."

Anonymous said...

I love these NuLab astroturfers. They are hilarious in the extreme. what do they get out of this? The chance to wash Gordon's soiled nappies??

jailhouselawyer said...

jeremy jacob:

No, I don't think so. I believe the comment was very restrained given that I am only a visitor here. At my place, I go into the eye of the tornado. That's a lot closer to the wind...

Anonymous said...

How low can you go?
According to LL's rabbi, who appeared both on BBC and Channel 4 tonight, this whole story comes down to antisemitism. All the Goys are ganging up on what Jon Snow called his 'parishioner'.
Until tonight, I have not seen any comment which referred or alluded to LL's religion, nor do I believe that hitherto it is something that had crossed most peoples' minds. They may have thought that he was a weasely-faced runtish little thing, who tries to disguise his physical limitations, by keeping his nose in the air, but put down their distate simply to a natural aversion to him.
Neither his race nor religion figured in this at all, but thanks to the good rabbi, it looks like it will from now on.

Let's not forget that the reason for the interest in this story is that the police have arrested LL, not because he is a Jew, nor for any other religious, racial or physical characteristic, but because they believe (rightly or wrongly) that they have grounds to suspect him of having committed a crime. The suggestion that this story has religious motives is disgraceful, will not be believed, and in the worst case will backfire on those who make it.

verity said...

Anonymous 11:43 - if this happened, it is a really bad move. As in mega-backfire. I had never thought of Lord Levy's religious or racial background. I just thought of him as a British sleaze.

Is this rabbi preparing a case for claiming that LL was a victim of religious discrimination for playing tennis at his huge mansion with the prime minister of Britain? And sitting in the House of Lords? And being made the prime minister's envoy to the Middle East.

If this is how religious discrimation's going these days, what's the quota and where do I get in line?

Johnny Norfolk said...

You can see the whole manipulation taking place from No 10.

I dont think they would know the truth if they fell over it.

How much longer do we have to put up with all this.

Anonymous said...

I hear that flights to Uraguay are fully booked with rolling reservations from a small group of people in central london.

Mexico is out apparently after an icing some years ago did for a hero

Anonymous said...

I have just read the Mail on Sunday ( 28th March)under the headline " Lord Cashpoint,the bogus Count and his porn star wife !

This news suggests to the reader that Lord Levy was yet again hard at work fundraising for Labour. The "smile and Lord Levy's face seemed broader and more indulgent than usual"..well I bet it was next to the girl photographed Courtney Coventry from America. But who was using who? From the story,it suggests that she was using him to get close to the Labour bigwigs,For Lord Levy it was getting his hands on a very large donation! Now the story does not suggest "Cash for honours" and for legal reasons maybe it could not do so,. I think its as clear as daylight ! that a lot more was afoot that night! First maybe lets get the story right ! I happen to have seen this so called " Porn movie" that Courtney Coventry was ment to be in,there is NO porn at all!! and she is NOT a "porn Star,she is however a very beautiful young American girl who was trying to tell the truth and got miss quoted! The paper claims that she and her husband called them selves the Count and Countess..thats strange..since I HAPPEN TO KNOW,that the Labour party,never knew this and refered to her as "MRS" Coventry. The paper says that her husband said he has a plaque in Liverpool and the paper says thats rubbish...Strange, I have seen the plaque,its on the "Walk of Fame" in the Old Gaden festival site!!...Lord levy's sokesman says that he remembers Mr and Mrs Coventry, I bet he remembers MRS coventry ! I used to and live in Liverpool and work in London these days. I have it on very good authority that this young woman knows far more than she is telling on the "cash for honours question and is,I hope about to give a very interesting statement soon to the police. We should commend this young girl for trying to expose the truth.