Saturday, March 17, 2007

Al Gore's Mining Profits

Al Gore loves the environment. He cherishes it. He wants to protect it. And he makes a lot of money from it according to THIS article in The Tennessean today. And it looks as if they will have further details tomorrow.
Al Gore Jr. received more than $500,000 in royalties from the owners of
zinc mines who held mineral leases on his farm near Carthage, Tenn. Now the
mines have a new owner and are scheduled to reopen later this year. Before the
mines closed in 2003, they emitted thousands of pounds of toxic substances and
several times, the water discharged from the mines into nearby rivers had levels
of toxins above what was legal. State environmental officials say the mine has
had a good environmental record and there is no evidence of unusual health
problems in the area. But the mine's reopening again raises concerns about
threats to the environment. Find out more about how Gore became connected to
mining, what's happened at the mines through the years and what the former vice
president is asking the new owners to do in the Sunday Tennessean and at


verity said...

Anyone who doesn't know that Al Gore is a hypocritical windbag has led a very sheltered life.

His family have owned a tobacco plantation for centuries. Al's one of the biggest private shareholders in Occidental Petroleum. I cannot believe all these people are pandering to his overweening ego in his new role as world savior. Who'd want to be president of the United States when you can be the Messiah of the entire world?

Chuck Unsworth said...

Yep, Gore's wheels are falling off.

Pity really, because some of what he had to say was quite sensible. So we're now faced with the truth having to be salvaged from the Gore car wreck.

verity said...

Gore's wheels are always falling off. Fortunately, he is mega, mega rich.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this a case of shooting the messenger?

Maybe you think David Cameron has no right to expect drug laws to be enforced.

Yak40 said...

Yes, the son of the "Senator From Occidental" continues to benefit from Armand Hammer's schemes.

verity said...

Anonimo - This is one messenger who richly deserves to be shot because he is broadcasting a false and mendacious message. Actually, thank you, because this is the first time in my life that I have thought that shooting the messenger might be a rather entertaining idea.

Anonymous said...

Verity. So you think the messenger should be shot because you do not agree with him.

Whereas in the case of Cameron, you have no problem that a drug taker can dictate the law to other drug takers.

Also I note that Cameron appears to agree with the message sent by the messenger you want to shoot.

Anonymous said...

UK politicians of all parties easily match Al Gore's hypocrisy on the environment. How can such huge - and often tax free - earners and consumers ever claim to be green?

Blair collects houses and consumer durables like they're going out of fashion and spends half his life in the sky spouting carbon - in reality as well as euphemistically. He's made it clear he despises the environmentalism he cynically espouses to raise the massive taxes to pay his massive pension.

Cameron travels 90 miles by jet. We will be sympathetic to the fact it was to look at new wheelchair for his son, yet that doesn't explain why he couldn't go by, less carbon emitting, car.

The Mirror looks through Cameron's bin and finds recyclables. We can all be pretty sure that any politician's rubbish would reveal the same green sin bin.

Oliver Letwin claims such actions are a "regrettable" part of political life...In politics you are sometimes in an amazing rush.

What do you think life is like for the owners of over 4 million small businesses, the wealth generators, who have to work 12 to 16 hour days, many of us 7 days a week, against the hostile background of unrelenting regulations from our hypocritical, Green Taliban, politicians , Mr Letwin?

verity said...

Anonymous 10:15 - You must be mistaking me for someone else. I loathe David Cameron.