Monday, January 29, 2007

Yasmin Falls in Love With Dave...Almost

Be worried. Very worried. The Cameron big tent has now embraced my friend Yasmin Alibhai-Brown. She has written today about David Cameron's 'Britishness' speech and said some very nice things about it. Read the article HERE.
I never thought I would say this but I have not heard another British
politician make such a sophisticated and vital intervention at a time when so
many across the parties seem to have lost a sense of proportion, political sense
and the instincts of true leadership...

Brown will not be able glibly to face down the words of Cameron today, who
says: "It is no use behaving like the proverbial English tourist abroad,
shouting ever more at the hapless foreigner who doesn't understand what is being
said. We can't bully people into feeling British - we have to inspire them."
Tick. He wants calmness of debate and an end to the "hectoring of Muslims". Yet
he is brave enough to condemn the oppression of females within some Muslim
enclaves. Tick, tick. He dismisses the "clunking" government initiatives which
attempt to get citizens to be more vainly British. Three more ticks.

Cameron seems instinctively to understand how un-British and coercive
such social engineering would be. He goes further, takes risks, provokes Middle
England's disapproval as he damns the demonisation of Muslims and their faith,
reminding Britons that the challenges of cohesion are not the same as the threat
of terrorism. The two are dumped together by those in government who use
immigration policies, anti-terrorism legislation and other means to terrorise
incomers and their children into accepting a curtailment of fundamental rights
and definitions of Britishness that are questionable at best.

I am British; I have never had any other nationality; I would not leave
this country to live abroad even when things get really tough and escape
beckons; I love London and would go to war if it was threatened. British
institutions, freedoms, the struggles and bloodshed that went into the making of
this layered country and democracy itself, the beautifully expressive language,
thegreat writers, scientists, thinkers, engineers, the cultural promiscuity of
England, all these have captured my heart and head.

But you knew it couldn't last...
I am swooning now, helplessly as if in front of a charismatic
churchman about to newly baptise me into a wonderful new world. Just in time,
scepticism flies in to deliver me from this dubious saviour. As I come to my
senses I realise I have no evidence that Cameron really means to deliver this
new agenda. If facing a WI meeting in Henley on Wednesday, will he say what he
did in Birmingham on Monday? And if some High Tory donor or xenophobic
commentator has a stern word or two, will he produce an equally brilliant speech
on Friday notifying Muslims and other immigrants of the integration duties they
owe this always great and tolerant country? He has been on both sides on the
Iraq war, on immigration too, and his two faces shine brightly when responding
to anti-terrorism legislation. The man is slick and unreliable, but his thoughts
and ideas on Britishness today are so remarkable, Labour would be foolish not to
steal them. Gordon Brown, a substantial and visionary politician, needs to
acknowledge Cameron's profundity on Britishness and then seize the initiative.
Otherwise many black and Asian Britons will rush to the Tories only to be
betrayed by them, as has happened throughout history.


Anonymous said...

"Gordon Brown, a substantial and visionary politician"

Shurly shome mishtake

Anonymous said...

"I love London and would go to war if it was threatened".

At the risk of being puerile, could there possibly be a military role that YA-B would be suited to? Petty officer maybe?

leon said...

Sunny Hundal also shares some optimism about this speech:

Anonymous said...

I have no evidence that Cameron really means to deliver this
new agenda. If facing a WI meeting in Henley on Wednesday, will he say what he did in Birmingham on Monday?

Spot-on. I can't stand this silly pretentious argumentative woman but she's got the Blairite essence of Tosser dead right. More's the pity.

Anonymous said...

Polly, now Yasmin.

If DC is not careful he will run out of shiboleth's long before hte next election.

bt said...

Perhaps Dave can be persuaded to throw his hat into the ring for leadership of the Labour Party?

I'm sure he'd do very well.

Lagwolf said...

And you think this is a good thing do you Iain? I have rather dark feeling it won't exactly help Cameron with his real base if he has any left.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Blair is hanging on to give Dave time to cross the floor and contest the election for leadership of Nulab.

Anonymous said...

"It is no use behaving like the proverbial English tourist abroad"

I see Dave's opinion of the English has not changed.

Dave "We can't bully people into feeling British - we have to inspire them"
That's exactly what he's doing to the English.
"He wants calmness of debate and an end to the "hectoring of Muslims".
Is it possible Dave (I have a lot of Scottish blood in my veins)can stop hectoring the English?

ses-les said...

I would not be bothered about Dave he has lost the next election , I want to know who will be the next nuCon Leader

Anonymous said...

Dave"I love London and would go to war if it was threatened".

Does this mean that those of us that don't live in London can stay at home?

Anonymous said...

Can we have David Davies as PM instead

oui-try said...

London ,as we know sh~t floats to the surface ,is there any disinfectant that will take the scum off

Tone made me do it - he's a bad influence said...

Polly AND Jasmin - am I the only one starting to feel a tad claustrophobic in this tent?

jon said...

If DD can get onto the TV what's stopping DC has Tony aked him not to ?

Anonymous said...

Otherwise many black and Asian Britons will rush to the Tories only to be betrayed by them, as has happened throughout history.

I wonder where she studied history????

Did Black & Asian Britons perhaps flock to the Alfred The Great's aid in the war against the Danes, only to be denied positive discrimination afterwards. (For that matter was Alfred a Tory?)

Was it British Indians that voted Disraeli into office, only to find that he cared not a jot for their worries?

Is she trying to rewrite history.

Vienna Woods said...

....the beautifully expressive language,..

Hijacked by the Americans with our youth interspacing every other word with "fuck" or some other obscenity!

....the cultural promiscuity of

I'm still trying to work that one out!

..... all these have captured my heart and head....

Conclusively proves Dave is from another planet. A total bloody waster with absolutely no sense of reality, and an absolute embarrassment. Will someone remove him before it's too late.

Anonymous said...

She's admitted already that she hates the English and goes into fits of ecstacy when we are insulted by "clever people."
Seeing as Cameron always uses the word English as a stick to beat up everything, she is obviously going to be drawn to him.
From Sour Little Englanders, to Proverbial English Tourist, he speaks her language.
Another reason to add to the list, for not voting Tory. Its bad enough under the current regime, but Cameron really seems to relishing in the role of sneakily hating the English and using the appropriate rhetoric to attract the other anti-English liberal elite.

It just won't do anymore.

Anonymous said...

I've never rated the YAB's view on anything very highly. It's all a bit hysterical and not terribly well reasoned.

But she's realised the essential difference between DC and Broon; whereas the intellectually bankrupt nuLab leader-in-waiting looks to the NSDAP for political inspiration (a Union flag flying in every garden, torchlit parades on British day, a disciplined youth movement, and no doubt 'protective detention' on a much wider scale ...)DC is grabbing more and more of that vital centre ground.

All good stuff. Carry on.

Anonymous said...

'slick and unreliable..' - You know, I think she may have a point there about DC. Remember how we all thought Bliar was 'Bambi' ? Who is to say Cameron would be any different. I must say I do trust William Hague and David Davis in a way I don't yet trust Cameron.

But then I'm working class and so old Etonian's don't really do it for me, unless their name is Douglas Hurd.

But I'm not sure why we are berating YAB - she is intelligent, witty and humorous ? No bad thing, surely ??

Anonymous said...

Well, he really is trying to lose the next election. This awful woman Alibaba-Brown - anyone remember her comments on Question Time the day after 9/11? I do. treasonous viper. Cameron is an idiot. I can't speak/type properly because of the all consuming rage within. GOD!

Anonymous said...

I might be more willing to give DC a chance, if I hadn't already been tricked by TB.

Anonymous said...

If this mornings Yougov is anything to go bye, and the Libdems carry on improving their poll position, when will Ming be able to say, 'Go back to your constituencies and prepare for government'

Anonymous said...

As with his position on the Gay Adoption issue, upon which he spoke so eloquently on TV this weekend, Cameron speaks total b****cks so beautifully.

Anonymous said...

Hasn't anybody told Dave Kameron and his fellow pinikies that no UK government can do sod all about "Immigration Policy". Our borders stretch from Galway to Greece and until were are out of this disgrace called the EU the better.

Anonymous said...

I love London and would go to war if it was threatened.


Anonymous said...

Anon, you mean hyperbollocks. Nothing he says means anything. He's only out for votes and has no opinions, other than what he thinks will improve opinon polls.

Westminster needs a complete clean out. No wonder they all favour thieving further taxes from us, to fund their political ambitions. Its either that, or govern the country according to the majority and that would never do.

Cameron and YAB in bed together - is anyone in England surprised at that? The two think alike and would stab us in the back for a bob or two of our money.

bt said...

I see Desperate Dave is trying to be all things to all men again. Backs the law on adoption "there should be no block exemptions" then suggests a block exemption for 4 years for Catholic adoption agencies.

No doubt hoping that there'll have been an election by then and the left-footers will have forgotten not to vote for him.

What a tosser.

Anonymous said...

ssncIsn't Cameron's big tent what Yasmin Alibhai-Brown was wearing this week?

Anonymous said...

ssncIsn't Cameron's big tent what Yasmin Alibhai-Brown was wearing this week?

verity said...

I find this self-satisfied prat so easy to loathe. "The proverbial British tourist ...". Of the 1930s, you mean, 67 years ago when the average person started going to the continent for their holidays and many weren't very sophisticated - and we were still powerful enough in the world to have the expectation that everyone, deep down, wanted to speak English? Quite some time ago, that. But nothing like a tired old platitude to get people to thinking you can really relate to them, eh Dave?

The man's unbearable.

Stephen Gash said...

Notice how Yasmin Alibhai Brown feels more British than English, yet singles out England's cultural promiscuity.

On the BBC's Dateline London Yasmin Alibhai Brown, talking about the rise in English natinalism and calls for an English Parliament, said "they can have their parliament, but not in London. London's ours".

I'm still awaiting an answer from Yasmin Alibhai Brown to my email asking what she actually meant.

I am also awaiting a reply from the BBC asking for a transcript of the programme. However, I am being arrogantly ignored by that waste of taxpayers' money too.

just-me said...

Davy boy it taking the cons into the wilderness ,saying all the things nuLab want to hear ,where's Haughy should he try again at least he thought he knew what he was talking about

Anonymous said...

I almost feel sorry for the English.

'Gwlad, Gwlad, Pleidiol wyf I'm gwlad,
etc. etc.
Tra mor yn bur, I'm bur hoff bai,
O bydded i'r hen iaith barhau'.

[Very rough translation, I am very proud of Wales, it will last for ever, oh let the Welsh language prosper..]
- Proud nation sticking up for its identity against dilution by a sea of other languages and cultures.

'There'll always be an England..'

Stop right there, sunshine - no more of that non-PC nonsense - it's the thought police here, so let's be 'aving no more of that nationalistic claptrap and 'ave something more PC, multi-cultural and diversity aware.'

Eleanor Justice said...

I am to angry to write another
English bashing from Cameron,Ihope he take's the Tory's to oblivion

Voyager said...

Westminster needs a complete clean out.'s_Purge

On Wednesday December 6, Col. Pride’s Regiment of Foot took up position on the stairs leading to the House, while Nathaniel Rich’s Regiment of Horse provided backup. Pride himself stood at the top of the stairs. As MPs arrived, he checked them against the list provided to him; Lord Grey of Groby, a revolutionary Member of Parliament (MP), helped to identify them. Of 489 MPs at the time, 18 were permanently absent before the purge. 45 were barred from Parliament and imprisoned. 186 were barred from Parliament but not imprisoned. 86 were not barred but absented themselves voluntarily. 83 were allowed back in Parliament after formally dissenting from the decision to accept the King's proposals. 71 were supporters of the revolution from the outset.

The imprisoned members were taken first to the Queen’s Court within the Palace of Westminster, and then to a nearby public house. There were three public houses next to the Palace in 1648, called Heaven, Purgatory, and Hell. The imprisoned members were taken to Hell where they spent the night

Anonymous said...

I see Dave has fallen for the militant gay line. Doesn't he realise that there are a hell of a lot more Catholic voters than there are gay ones?

Anonymous said...

Stephen Gash said...
Yasmin Alibhai Brown,...said "they can have their parliament, but not in London. London's ours".

I'm still awaiting an answer from Yasmin Alibhai Brown to my email asking what she actually meant.

She means its cos it is Londonistan these days, innit, bruvva.

Not long until sharia law like in Bradford and Oldham.

verity said...

Not about Yasmin, who has had 36 comments - and that's more than her interest value merits - but I want to be the first to predict that when Tony and the Blairina leave Downing St for the last time, the Blairina will flip the bird at the press photographers. She's a crude, vulgar woman and I have a feeling she will want the sense of having scored one last point.

Anonymous said...

You have to bear in mind that Yasmin Alibiah Brown has a visceral hatred of the English.

Perhaps that's why she likes Gordon Brown?

Time-will-tell said...

I cant wait until a BNP MP gets in this lot in nuLab and nuCon will fly off to their foreign Villas

verity said...

Or, in Tone's case, other people's foreign villas.

kinglear said...

I think the really important bit about Cameron's speech/ media offensive this last day or so has been his determination to make people understand that, if you are at school here, you should be taught in English. Nothing breeds suspicion as much as people muttering to each other in a language you don't understand - even if they are actually saying " Gosh! This is a great country"

Anonymous said...

Perhaps I was being a little harsh on YAB. On the whole there's not much harm in her. A bit of silliness and a writing career based on the single premise that this Oxford MPhil is quite willing to be British if only the rest of us weren't obstructing her. But who, we have to ask, was the mysterious Scotsman with whom she shared a journey back up to London from Harrogate?

A portly gent with grey hair sits opposite me. The guinea fowl takes time to come, so we start to talk. He is a rich Scots entrepreneur, dreadful right-winger on taxes, libertarian, too, anti-regulation and an enthusiastic bore about golf, but a great conversationalist. He shares his cheese platter with me and orders expensive champagne. Suddenly the staff are licking our boots, plying us with free chocs and smiles. Maybe I do belong, after all.

Anonymous said...

The Sun's coverage went straight to the point. DC's speech on this had a notably high nonsense and condescension quotient. He (still) talks as if true British are anglo saxons and as if black, brown and yellow people, and probably us green Irish for that matter, are not already part of the broad Britishness he wishes to assimilate us into.

Anonymous said...

DC would normally have to be in Labour for at least six months possibly 12 before he could stand in any election, unless he has a little word in Ruth's ear.

Anonymous said...

"Nothing breeds suspicion as much as people muttering to each other in a language you don't understand "

like, you mean, the English do whenever they go 'abroad'?

Anonymous said...

No matter whether it comes from Brown,Cameron or this woman, their definition of Britishness (Englishness actually) is not one I wish to be associated with.

I am Scottish, not British. Have your debate but stop kidding you're bothered about Scottish people's feelings.

annoyed said...

Watching digital switchover bill being talked over , how the hell can people these bring laws in when the f---kin place is near empty ,wheres the rest at the trough, sorry Iain for swearing

Anonymous said...

Chris Paul said...
DC's... He (still) talks as if true British are anglo saxons...

Add Celts, and at least Cameron is right on something.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"Nothing breeds suspicion as much as people muttering to each other in a language you don't understand "

like, you mean, the English do whenever they go 'abroad'?

Is that you Yasmin?

Anonymous said...

No Melanie, is that you?

Anonymous said...

"I am Scottish, not British"

You are deluded, for you are both!

I am British, full stop. My grandparents hailed from various celtic bits of our islands which I rarely see these days. But you're not going to make me feel English just because Ilive here.

Anonymous said...

Is there a news blackout going on today... there seems like there is nothing of any note anywhere?

This is very worrying, makes me think something big about to break...

Anonymous said...

But wouldn't you know it, the pressure groups have found something to whinge about:

Islamic objection to word 'crusade'

Anonymous said...

Paedophiles all over Britain will be celebrating their victory tonight but God help any young boys farmed out to a pair of homosexual pederasts.

What kind of a country is it where local councils turn vulnerable boys in "care" into rent boys for perverts?

Do the infantilised adult population care anymore or are they too obsessed with house prices, shopping, and Celebrity Big Brother?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
No Melanie, is that you?

Holocaust denier!

Anonymous said...

"Holocaust denier!"

Is that what you put into those tights which cover your tits?

oh-hell said...

Davey boy has definatly lost the plot
mr PC ,mr nuLab ,sorry but we are going to lose with this nutter ,will the next nuCon Leader please stand up

bebopper said...


You write a piece which involves David Cameron and Yasmin AB and suddenly your blog is taken over by the angry, bitter losers of ConservativeHome. Jesus, these people are worse than the NewLab Anonymongs.

bt said...

yeah, it's what's known as the conservative core vote.

Ian Thorpe said...

I'm a little more concerned about CAmeron's wind problem. I don't mean the Tory old farts brigade, but his microgenerators. I did the maths and far from establishing The Boy David's green credentials these actually created more pollution in their manufacture than they will save should they run at optimum efficiency for their predicted life of ten years.
New face, same old cynical media manipulation.

Anonymous said...


I love the way you cover the Lib Dems "disastrous" slumping in the polls to a low figure, but then don't so much as mention our complete recovery.

Ah well, you can't expect a centre-right commentator to exactly be Balanced, can you?

bt said...

Well, he's got history - on his bike with the car following behind.

Look, he was a PR man.
Stop for a minute and think of the horrible visions that the combination of ex-PR-wannabe-politician calls to mind.

Iain Dale said...

Leo at 7.02. 18% recovered? obviously that word means different things to different people. Whoever told you I wanted to be balanced?! However, sometimes I think I am too balanced for my own good!