Friday, January 19, 2007

Another Labour MP in Deselection Trouble

It looks like Labour MP Martin Linton is in a spot of trouble if THIS snippet from LabourHome is anything to go by.
The word on the grapevine is that Martin Linton is having some selection
trouble in Battersea. His recent "trigger ballot" to determine whether he gets
automatically adopted as candidate at the next general election resulted in him
failing to win a majority of CLP branch affirmative nominations. Don't know if
anyone can shed more light on what's going on there? Battersea has a
reputation for being a moderate, loyal and relatively active party so this seems
more than just a few "lefties" causing trouble for a new Labour MP... Whatever
the reasons, it's surely a massive humiliation that a three-term MP representing
London's most marginal seat can't win re-adoption overwhelmingly, isn't it? How
out-of-touch and/or complacent must he be to have allowed this to happen?


Margaret on the Guillotine said...

As though it matters, really: he'll be out next Parliament, whether by deselection or lost election should hardly be worried about!

Little Mr Tomkins said...

It matters financially - if he doesn't get to stand, he'll lose out on redundancy money.

Anonymous said...

"It matters financially - if he doesn't get to stand, he'll lose out on redundancy money. "

MPs who stand down get a resettlement grant anyway

not my usual log-in said...

There's no saying the Labour candidate in this constituency will lose - the Con PPC, Jane Ellison, is an out-and-out Europhile. Oops. She ain't getting my vote or that of my neighbours.

Anonymous said...

I hear he is a bit of a lecherous old thing.. maybe he groped one comrade too many?

Anonymous said...

'Not My Usual Login' needs to grow up. Would you rather Linton (or whoever replaces him) got in instead?

Anonymous said...

The problem is Martin Linton is in so much trouble new Labour cannot hold the lid on it and it would mean a catastrophe if it broke just before the next general election what you see now is a tip of an iceberg. Cash for peerages will fade into insignificance when the story breaks.