Tuesday, July 04, 2006

An Evening with Cliff & Cilla

I've spent a wonderful evening at Spencer House in London at a fundraising bash for the Cliff Richard Tennis Foundation. NAMEDROP ALERT. Earl Spencer and his wife were the hosts for the evening. I even had my photo taken with them and Sir Cliff. No doubt I might feel obliged to inflict this photo onshare this photo with you at a later date. NAMEDROP ALERT. Elaine Paige, Ainsley Harriott, Jasper Carrott and Virginia Wade were all there and Jimmy Tarbuck conducted an auction which raised in excess of £25,000 for Cliff's Foundation. Cherie Blair turned up too, looking strangely fetching in a cerise outfit (OK, I might have had one too many Pims by that stage - is it really alchoholic? Hic...). She left before the auction began - insert your own comment in this space. But the highlight of my evening was that I got to exchange a few words with Cilla Black! I borrowed a pen from Gavin Barwell and got her to sign the auction programme and write a get well wish to my partner who couldn't make the event. I apologised to her for being so tacky in asking her to sign something at such an event but she winked and said "of course I will, chuck!" I've been called 'chuck' by Cilla. I can die happy. Meanwhile Gavin Barwell will be auctioning the pen touched by Cilla's fair hand at a fundraiser for which ever constituency has the good sense to select him!


Anonymous said...

Were you not invited to Dave's Summer Bash?

David Chappell said...

"Cherie Blair turned up too, looking strangely fetching in a cerise outfit .."

With a name like Cherie (so her parent's couldn't spell)she's bound to be in a cerise outfit. (OK, I apologise...)

UK Daily Pundit said...

Eh laaa! Cillar ere! Me and you laaa, Scotty road tomorrow night!

Goodness me, Mr Dale. The cast of Dallas last week. Cilla Black this week. What next? The Chuckle Brothers?

Anonymous said...