Saturday, March 11, 2006

You Can't Have a Plaster, But Here's a Condom

A child at Uphill Primary School in Somerset caught her finger in her coat zip this week. She went to a teacher for help and a sticking plaster. Instead of putting a plaster on her finger, the teacher called the girl's mother and told her to come to school to apply the plaster herself because teachers were banned from using them in case the child might be allergic to latex. Allergic to latex. Hmmm. It doesn't stop condoms being doled out to under 16s though, does it?! The world's gone mad.


Ken said...

Being allergic to elastoplast myself, I can understand some nervousness on the part of teachers (if you are allergic, the rash you get is far, far worse than the cut itself in most cases). But really, there's no reason why they shouldn't keep that sort of information on files.

Jonathan Sheppard said...

Some people have allergies to milk - it doesn't stop schools serving it. Come on - all thats needed is common sense

Louise Lloyd said...

Kids chew bubble gum rite?

Bubble Gum Flavoured Condoms

Although I must admit these actually taste of really nice bubble gum instead of the usually rank flavoured condoms I have experienced, well worth a suck :)