Saturday, March 11, 2006

(Not) On News 24

I'm doing the paper review on News 24 again tonight at 11.45pm (and also next Saturday). I'll try to do better than Lauren Booth, who didn't turn up last Saturday and left Nigel Nelson to do it on his own. According to the Press Gazette Ms Booth has now been banned from the channel.

UPDATE 8pm: News 24 just called to say they're not doing a paper review tonight because of Milosevic. Bit odd.


Antony Calvert said...

Why has she been banned? Just for not turning up?

DP said...

Have always wondered about Lauren Booth. We're supposed to believe she's Cherie's half sister and yet she's a lot better looking.

bebopper said...


I don't know whether there will be a follow up to the Telegraph's lead story today.
Incredibly this government is going to force landlords to licence their premises at great cost and of course this will be passed on to their tenants, many of whom will be students.
Local councils will have to oversee this madness and they will not get extra funds from the government.
Upshot:Students further into debt, or will stay at home. People will think twice about buy-to-let investments. Council Tax will rise.
It's deja vu all over again. In 1977, The Callaghan government intoduced the Rent Act, designed to curb Rachmanism (intimidation of tenants). Result: Too many tenants rights forced many landlords to sell their properties and you couldn't find a flat for love or money.
Who organised this lunacy? Prescott. Nuff said.

Cllr David Morton said...

bebopper is very ill informed about landlord licencing. It might put off a few people with one or two houses but any small landlord let alone the big guys will absorb thr cost which is very modest. Its a watered down, light touch regulation. As for students NUS and many student unions have campigned for this for years.