Saturday, March 11, 2006

The New Look Iain Dale's Diary

As you can see, I have had the Blog redesigned. Up to now I had used a Blogger template, but it was becoming very tired and was a little inflexible. I hope you like the new look. It still needs a little tweaking here and there, but I'm very pleased with the overall feel. It's all been done by John Forristal of Aplus Computers. If you have a blog and want it freshened up do email


A graphic designer said...

Iain, as a graphic designer I think your redesign is a massive improvement.

The old one used to float all over the place and things would move for no reason. The text was a tad too small and could be hard to read.

The new design is good. Simpler and clearer, I like the blue writing. I've always like the flickr thing, but I think having four pictures of yourself in the header is a bit gratuitous. I don't like the England flag Iain Dale's Diary thing either. Could be classier.

Apart from that good work!

Iain Dale said...

Thanks. I rather agree about the 4 pics at the top though. I'm trying to find something else to replace the one on the left and right, but I;m not sure what kind of thing to use. Suggestions gratefully received!

David Taylor said...

I agree with the graphic designer.

The design is much improved, but I don't like the top banner, if you are going to put 4 pictures up, you should make them into more of a montage.

Also, the “Iain Dale's Diary” text doesn’t look right, it looks crammed in between the flag.

I would suggest one picture of you (perhaps the same portrait photo you have on the front page of your website, fading on to a white background, with "Iain Dale's Diary" written in a simple, sans serif font, to the left of the image.

On the whole though, I like the new design, it's much easier to read, well done!

Anonymous said...

iain, the new design is terrible! i honestly much prefer the old one

barbara worth said...


I agree with "a graphic designer"- the new format is much better. It's fresher and clearer. I also agree with agd and virtually everyone else about the photos and the flag logo.

I note that you were planning to fix the photos thing and asked for suggestions. I would suggest one or two photos of you and then the rest of things which reflect your interests and values. I appreciate we are risking straying into John Major "cricket on the village green and cycling district nurses" territory here, but you know what I mean! Perhaps one pic could be something serious on a political theme and the other something lighter- e.g. your dog or a classic Audi. It would be good if they could be changed regularly.

I appreciate that many people want to reclaim the flag from the loony fringe, but to me it still has a bit of a naff feel when associated with a personal/political image or brand. Why not try a twist on a Conservative party identity rather than the flag?

Incidentally, speaking of Audis, could you have been driving a dark blue Audi estate round the Four Wentways roundabout about 10 days ago? I pulled up next to a driver I thought I recognised personally then concluded that in fact he looked like your photo.

Mark P said...

New design is a bit light on photos of yourself :-)

Iain Dale said...

Barbara, sadly it wasn't me, although I do know the roundabout you mean! I drive a cabriolet, not an Estate, although I did have an Estate last year. Where do you live then?

barbara worth said...


Yes, I guessed from some of your posts about your Essex boy roots that you would know it, hence the question! I live near Cambridge but my office is in north Essex and my daughter is at school in Saffron Walden.

Anonymous said...

Ian - you look slimmer in the picture second from the left than in that on the far right.
Is this the effect of the Paul McKenna book I recommended and by the way how much do you owe me so far at £10 for every pound in weight lost during March after your extravaganza (or should that read "chips with everything") in Amsterdam?

Peter from Putney

toots said...

Four photos is indeed far, far too much of a good thing.

Gave me quite a shock.

David Taylor said...

It's no better now, you need to lose the flag or find a nice way of incorporating the text.

Paul Linford said...

It looks very nice Iain. Nice idea putting in permanent links to your top tens at the top of the contents panel ;-)