Saturday, March 11, 2006

My First Podcast - Download it Now

My first PodCast has now been uploaded. It's a chat between myself and an American friend of mine, Daniel Forrester (pic right), on who might stand for the Republicans and Democrats in the next US Presidential election. You can either download it HERE or from the PoliticsOnDemand website or through iTunes by typing PoliticsOnDemand into the search engine. It lasts 10 minutes.

I intend to do a weekly PodCast and they will consist mainly of chats between myself and political figures on the right (and sometimes the left) on an issue I think will be of interest to readers of this Blog. Do let me know if you enjoyed the first one or were bored rigid!

NEXT WEEK: A discussion on George W Bush


Jonathan Sheppard said...

Shame - Iain Dale MP has a certain ring to it.

ContraTory said...

The podcast was interesting. Now, let's see if you can keep up the standard!

Jonathan Sheppard said...

Im sure it will go from strength to strength. Good luck.

AnnaK said...

Iain, I found the podcast very interesting.

One thing about American politics is that they all seem to be related to each other. The Clintons on one side and the George Bush clan on the other.

Could you ask your friend his view on this please?.

David Taylor said...

I enjoyed it.

barbara worth said...

Really enjoyed the podcast, Iain. The content was excellent and I liked your interviewing style.

I noticed that you or your friend said that GWB was staying above the fray in terms of endorsing a candidate. However, Laura Bush has endorsed Condi. As she is so impeccably loyal I imagine that this remark was cleared with/planned by her husband (and/or his advisers) and agreed with Dr R herself. However, I think Laura Bush also acknowledged that Condi was unlikey to stand. I wondered at the time if the Bush camp were testing public reaction to "Condi for Prez". Perhaps it was just a pat on the back for a loyal friend, but it struck me as odd.

As with Guido and the Monkey, the pub background is fun but distracting. At one point I paused the podcast to check whether my mobile was ringing. It wasn't so I concluded that I must have heard a ringtone in the background. (I couldn't be bothered to go back and check). If you are going to stick with an OB approach, is there some way of altering the balance when you edit the podcast so the background is more muted? That's a minor carp, however. On the whole, a really excellent listen- thanks.

Kevin G. McManus said...

Dan Forrester’s astute observations notwithstanding, I am afraid that Hillary Clinton can be too easily painted as an “out of mainstream liberal”. The Democrats should also seek a candidate unafraid to speak about religion, mitigating the Republican’s status as the party of values. I can’t imagine her sounding sincere in this role.

Also, the Democrats would be misguided to ignore the geographical disadvantage of a Northeastern candidate. Hillary’s Arkansas roots would be a liability in the South – a region she shunned by staking a claim in New York after 2000. A southern (Edwards?) or western (Richardson?) candidate might stand a better chance outside the Northeast. Of course, what seems plain to me appears to elude the Democratic leadership regularly.

However, having known Mr. Forrester for some time, I am loath to doubt him. His political instincts are surpassed only by his fashion sense.

Thanks for the mental picture of Carville and Hillary.

A southern Yank