Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Labour PPC Defects to Cameron

Another former Parliamentary Candidate has defected to the Conservatives according to Recess Monkey & ConservativeHome. This time it's one from Labour. He's Rehman Chishti, who stood against Francis Maude in Horsham in 2005. He's 27 and Maude has already appointed him his advisor of diversity and ethnic minority issues. Announcing his move, Christi said "Under David Cameron, the Conservatives provide hope and inspiration to the public at large who have become disillusioned with New Labour. Tony Blair’s Labour Party increasingly takes voters for granted and is out of touch with modern Britain." More on Conservatives.com.


Anonymous said...

Plainly Maude dfoesn't take diversity very seriously if he appoints a 27 year old nobody who is barely famous in his own household to do the job. Crude opportunism and empty gesture politics? As if.

bebopper said...

Nice to get a defection, but what a pity he is immediately slotted into "diversity and ethnic minority issues." Blacks and asians are best advised to avoid victimhood and demonstrate an interest in mainstream culture.

Rigger Mortice said...

True bebopper.It's funny old white men are the ones who are preoccupied with getting etnic minorities into these positions.
It exhibits a tragically narrow view society and shows how truly patronising we can be as a party.

Makes me cringe.