Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Daley Dozen: Thursday

1. Daniel Hannan is fed up of debt.
2. Steve Richards thinks the Lib Dems are very relevant.
3. Charlotte Henry explains why she still agrees with Nick.
4. Peter Hoskin reckons Labour are failing to explain the public finances.
5. Alex Massie doesn't think the Coalition is drifting left.
6. Laurence Durnan argues for more SpAds.
7. Andrew Neil looks at the case for raising interest rates.
8. Douglas Carswell expore how free market Britain is.
9. Mark Wallace highlights UkUncut's crumbling support.
10. Tim Roll-Pickering assesses the fall of Lembit Opik.
11. Political Scrapbook reports that the Lib Dems are keeping Clegg off leaflets.
12. Conservative Home have the footage of Boris and Arnie bike riding...

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