Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Fame at Last

No less a terrorist than Guido Fawkes has welcomed my return to blogging. Now, the question is, did he get the story from the Guardian's politics website or did they nick it from him? I think we should be told.

And just to clarify, I've decided to start blogging again now that the leadership election is all but over because....I miss it and I've decided that now it's nearly at an end I can't really do too much damage!

So whatever way the result goes on Tuesday, and whether I have a job afterwards or not, the blogging starts again. Hurrah!


Guido Fawkes said...

What I said was "It looks like my friend Iain Dale has already thrown in the towel, he's gone back to blogging instead of Chief-of-Staffing for Basher. What does this mean? Does Iain suspect he may not be ensconced in the Leader of the Opposition's office next week?

Hat-tip: Backbencher"

The hat-tip is blog-etiquette - it means I got it from Backbencher - I never knowingly plagarise ;]

Welcome back....

Anonymous said...

Will you be returning to contributing to as well Iain?

Anonymous said...

I have posted a few times in recent months, so I haven't been entirely absent. It's become a bit tedious though of late.