Saturday, April 24, 2004


Who? Well, my friend Mark Fox, the candidate in Great Yarmouth informs me that the plural from Bottomley is 'Botti'. Who am I to argue. I collected them from the Furzedown Hotel in Yarmouth after breakfast and while Peter Bottomley went out on the streets of Hoveton with half a dozen of my colleagues, I took Virginia to visit an Abbeyfield home in Sheringham. On the way we stopped off at Potter Heigham and met a few people who were about to go out on the Broads. Somehow I found myself serving burgers in a burger van (at 9.30 in the morning!). As the diet's still going well I thought I'd beter not stuff my face. By the way, on the diet front I have lost 1 stone 9 pounds now in less than 2 months. Not bad eh? At last a politician who delivers on a promise...

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