Monday, May 10, 2010

Media in the Morning

I don't think the nation has heard enough of me today (joke), so here's my media schedule in the morning...

7.10 BBC 1 Breakfast
7.40 BBC Radio London
8.10 Sky News Sunrise (with Polly Toynbee)
8.50 Today

Enough already?


Mirtha Tidville said...

Toynbee at 8.10 in the obviously have a stronger stomach than me..

Evensong said...

Iain, any chance you can make sure Polly Toynbee is placed in a hermetically sealed chamber for the next 10 years?

Only joking, I know a lot of people regard her as a bit of an institutation. Or was that should be put in an institutation?

RJF said...

Give Toynbee a hard time, please.

Lauchlan McLean said...

I will bet that your Bank manager in Tumbridge Wells will be pleased at the cash flow (ie Fees from appearances) that is continuing to come in . Make the most of it, you will not be earning that amount until the next election in October

javelin said...

The markets will be getting tetchy tomorrow.

I think we may now have a summer of political chaos leading to a crisis in the autumn once it becomes apparent that the lib-lab pact (and possibly lib-con) pact cannot deliver the necessary cuts.

Newmania said...

How can you speak to Polly Toynbee Iain ? I mean without punching her
There is no more time for politeness someone has to express rage

DespairingLiberal said...

Tomorrow's Iain Dale schedule in full.

0455 The Dale Hour. Iain Dale speaks to the nation on the World Service. Followed by Prayers for the Nation.

0510 Iain Dale reads the Shopping Forecast.

0606 A shouting match between Humphreys and Dale. Was Boulton in the right? Iain Dale says yes, Humphreys says no.

0621 Dale calls for the BBC to be wound up and Radio 4 broken up.

0644 Thought for the Dale - a Radio 4 vicar gives his thoughts on why Iain Dale was always the media Chosen One.

0713 Brown-Dale. Discussion on Radio 3 about a new possible Pact.

0749 Dale suggests himself as next leader of the Labour Party on all channels.

0806 Alistair Campbell condemns Dale for his comments on Today this morning. Campbell shouts a lot.

0814 CNN to ask "Is Dale the Right Man to Run Africa?" Followed by some ads for hotels.

0815 Dale appears on Radio Nairobi in a phone-in on the next Labour Leader.

0818 Dale is back in London - he appears with Tim Montgomerie and Danny Finkelstein, urging the nation to AV++ (adjusted).

0844 The nation pleads for less Dale. This is ignored.

0902 Midweek with Iain Dale. Dale Cambell-Savours calls for Iain Dale to consider changing his name.

0911 Sky News - Kay Burley says something daft and Iain Dale titters.

(Iain's media appearances continue on all channels)

ferial ferret said...

Polly Toynbee - uck - you certainly earn your fee

Nick Drew said...

Polly is taking a lot of Murdoch shillings recently, no?

Pickled said...

What RJF said - give her a wake up wedgie please. What she has put into the Graun this morning is pure stupidity.

Michael J said...

Saw you on Sky, Iain,

You did well.

However couldn't the interviewer give you equal time with the dreaded Polly?

Also, why does he have to be so incredibly rude as to not even get your name/blog correct.

I am afraid that this partisanship by the broadcasters is getting too much.

Andrew_S said...

Iain, a point you might like to consider. If PR had been in place for the GE I doubt that Labour would have won the number of seats in Scotland that they did. Look at the results of the Scottish Elections - it's not an accident that we have an SNP Goverment up here. It's only the FPTP that makes Scotland look so Labour. We're really more evenly split than the FPTP results show.

Michael J said...

Sorry to see that your team's owners have cleggitis and sacked Zola. You may get a mclaren/Sven coalition.

CityUnslicker said...

you did well up against Toynbee.

Michael J said...

It is becoming clear that Clegg is "negotiating" with his hands tied behind his back. Half is party won't go with the Cons and the other half won't go with Lab. So Clegg can't deliver anything.