Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The Election Rap

This gets better as it goes on.


fairbank007 said...

This is simply brilliant. Very funny. Can any political blogger match this?

Anonymous said...

May 5th !!

Thank God it will be all over tomorrow. Lets hope we wake up on Friday with a Prime Minister, as opposed to a Prime Mentalist - and before that a Prime Narcissist.

Duggers said...

At least that took my mind off the nightmare that come Friday Morning we have 5 more years of Brown.

Jason Myers said...

AMAZING! Some rhymes I would never think of.

Cazzy Jones said...

Hi Fairbank007 - I can but try - one final parody but only lyrics, I'm afraid: -

We’ll drink a drink a drink
To Gordie the Gink the Gink the Gink
The wrecker of the British race
For he invented
Quantitative easing
Most unveracious
In every case

Hazel Blears
Had CGT fears
And it made her awful shy
But she approved of
Quantitative easing
And then we all saw
The chipmunk fly

Brother Tony
Was exposed as a phony
With his wars and dodgy deals
So he fled from
Quantitative easing
And now he cruises
On wings and wheels


Dear old Mandy
Thought he was rather a grandee
So they put him in the Lords
Where he helped with
Quantitative easing
While avoiding
The common hordes

Alastair Darling
Was hardly surprisingly snarling
When his house flips did emerge
And he watched over
Quantitative easing
As his eyebrows did converge


Harriet Harman
Was less than charmin’
When she became the deputy
But she approved of
Quantitative easing
Hoping it would make men flee

Miliband senior
Should have been sent to Slovenia
When that banana he did wave
But he connived in
Quantitative easing
What a sad way to behave


Elvis Presley’s sad support act Enis
Looked a bit of a p-p-p-p-*****
When he slapped Mrs Duffy down
Yes, he invented
Quantitative easing
There’s no mistaking
That Gordon Brown

Down to Hades
His soul descended
All the voters they did cheer
He took with him
Quantitative easing
“Don’t ever let them back up here!”


Ajax said...

I'm voting Lava-Tory...

Bruno said...

another funny video

The Great Migrant Mudle