Sunday, May 02, 2010

The Daley Dozen: Sunday

1. Liam Murray on the election in Scotland.
2. Richard Lowe on the state of the election.
3. Sean Haffey on what to expect from a Tory-Lib coalition.
4. Benedict White on how Brown was warned about his banking regulatory setup in 1997.
5. Paul Linford reports from the Mid Derbsyhire hustings.
6. Norman Tebbit warns Cameron against a coalition with the LibDems.
7. Slugger O'Toole asks whether hustings are a thing of the past.
8. Coffee House thinks Gordon Brown knows he is finished.
9. Charlie Edwards speaks out in defence of Philippa Stroud.
10. Charles Crawford on Labour v bigots.
11. Alastair Campbell screams 'It's just not faaaaiiiirrrr!'
12. Blue Nation on the Labour leadership runners and riders.

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Newmania said...

Great stuff recently Iain