Friday, May 15, 2009

There's Nothing British About the BNP

Tim Montgomerie of ConHome has launched a campaign which aims to explain how the BNP is anything but British. The NothingBritish website explains more. Some people will no doubt think it is ill advised to give the BNP more publicity. Wrong. They must be taken on.


Mark Senior said...

I totally agree that the BNP must be taken on and campaigned against 100% .
Sadly the Conservatives in Ashfield last week and in Burnley last night joined with the BNP and Labour to vote out LibDem administrations . Fortunately they failed in Burnley .
Vote Blue get Red or Black .

Michael Heaver said...

Good idea. Lets destroy the BNP.

Iain, no comment on the massive UKIP surge to 19%? You have been very vocal in saying you think UKIP were going to have nowhere near the same result as 2004. Looks like we're going to surpass it quite easily....:P

Wyrdtimes said...

There's nothing British about Ben.

He's English.

The British Government discriminates against him the way it discriminates against everyone in England.

Anonymous said...

Be very careful, Iain.

What you don't seem to understand is that the main political parties are now viewed as the enemy of the public.

Calls for the public NOT to vote for a particular party from those very same politicians is fatal.

My enemy's enemy is my friend. People will vote BNP simply because the political elite tell them not to! You are treading on very thin ice.

Anonymous said...

Ian, this is a powerful message and one I support. However, two things:

1. Is the BNP not gaining vote because of the mainstream right not being robust on some issues that matter to the public?

Recently the political class have banged on about the 'political profession', well unbridled immigration without matched funding in infrastructure and services is professionally NEGLIGENT.

2. Whilst the crimes listed by the BNP activists are relevant and abhorant, I wonder how many labour activists were communists and also in saying that people shouldn't stand for election if they have ever been on the wrong side of the law sweeps away a good many real people from ever entering politics. I am definately not sticking up for these guys and their crimes make me shudder but generally I think its a bad road to go down.

I may sound like a scumbag here, but if I found out my MP was kicked out of a lap dancing bar and charged with being drunk and incapable I'd kind of warm to him.

john in cheshire said...

Iain, when you say the BNP must be 'taken on', what exactly do you mean. What is it about their policies that upsets you more than, say, what the Labour party stand for?

moat cleaner said...

I don't support the BNP but what a pahetic video. No evidence put up whatsoever for the claims made in the video. A picture of David Beckham in the background and English football tops. Didn't look like a British video to me at all. Looked English. That's the problem with the Conservatives. They're still seen as the English party and still haven't learnt anything after their wipeout in Scotland.
Are they just warning England about the BNP ? Are the BNP no threat to the rest of the UK ?

Cinnamon said...

This is what many people will think when they see it: The little kid in the ad looks cute(tho not when he smirks), but in a few years time, he mugs or knifes you or your kids, or perhaps takes your kids' job/council house/university place away because you're white and he is black and so has more rights and opportunities by law.

Lots of good people have given up on the multicultural utopia, and are not even trying anymore -- Harperson's discrimination bill has seen to that, it was the official death knell of equality.

Btw, when you go out next time -- take a good look at the non-whites glaring at you with hate and disgust because you are white -- the sad fact is that a lot of black folks are deeply racist, and people by now are wising up to that, which is why attitudes are hardening, especially since nothing is done to actively combat black racism.

I don't see the communites growing into one tribe with those attitudes around, and I notice, once again, in the ad, the white community is harangued and called racist, and the blacks are cast as victims.

Besides that, the ad is not honest about the facts either, as the BNP will offer voluntary repatriation, just like the Italians, the Japanese, the French and a few other countries already do.

So, all in all, the ad may well work in the BNP's favour here :(

Anonymous said...

Well quite a propaganda video and website. Who is paying for it?
Why should I believe it any more than I would trust or believe a video or website from any mainstream party. Like all politicians they all have their own agenda.

And now we all know what has been going on with all of them, but they still don't get it. They pass laws for the little people, but they don't apply them to themselves. Constantly telling people what is best for them. You will have mass immigration foisted on you whether you like it or not. The volumes of immigration into this country are enormous. So I guess you're thinking, now that I'm a racist and a fascist, the bulk standard answer to the BNP. I always thought this to be juvenile and puerile nonsense.

If the BNP is that obnoxious why don't you ban them?
You want to sweep the immigration debate away. You want to continue to have mass unfettered immigration. Why is it not enough for a refugee to get to Germany or France and live a life there? No they all want to come to England. Why?. Is it beacuse we are the fairest country in the world or because our benefits and systems are much easier to profit by? And ofcourse they all want to assimilate into our wonderful English culture?

So you get mainstream parties that promise you a referendum on Europe in their manifestos then they ditch it. We won't raise top rate tax above 40%, again a manifesto committment, then you ditch it.

You tell me why I should ever vote for mainstream parties again?

I could go on with many other examples.

By the way I have never voted BNP and have no intentions to either but I can understand that especially Labour, they have let down the white working class badly, the people who supported them for decades.
You reap what you sow.

Aye We Can ! said...

This video is excellent. Thanks to all who made it

Plato said...

Didn't think much of that video at all.

Cliche packed and no facts to back it up.

Some uncomfortable points made above...

Rebel Saint said...

When oh when will they learn ... the "BNP are racist scum" message just isn't working any more.

Address the ISSUES that they alone seem to be addressing ... immigration, islamification, EU withdrawal, the failure of multiculturism, "Equality" laws, thought crimes ...

I don't like some of the racial policies of the BNP, but ... and I can't stress this enough .... I DISLIKE WHAT THE MAINSTREAM PARTIES ARE DOING TO OUR COUNTRY EVEN LESS . They seem to be the lesser of 4 evils!

Manfarang said...

I will never forget what one person asked me while I was out canvassing years ago,"If a black man broke into your house, killed your mother,raped your wife,would you let your daughter marry him?
Answers on a postcard please to the Sun!

Anonymous said...

The Nothing British website ain't such a good idea.

For starters, there's the smear "criminal connections of the BNP".

There's a list of offences which can probably be made to fit every political party.

Both Labour and Conservative have had their share of murderers, paedophiles, burglers, fraudsters, whatever.

Surely too, the criminal charge is not a good idea when most of the current crop of MPs have a question hanging over their heads.

Christine said...

I'd rather vote BNP than vote for the stealing, corrupt, two faced liars we currently have in the House of Commons and the House of Lords anyday.

Anonymous said...

Is the narrator the same bloke from one of 18 Doughty Street's attack ads? Rent-a-geezer...

Old Holborn said...

The BNP believes the State has the right to execute its citizens.

I will never vote for a party that will introduce laws that it could use to legally kill me.

voiceofourown said...

"Britain is the fairest country in the world."

Beg pardon?

davidc said...

'Plato said...
Didn't think much of that video at all.
Cliche packed and no facts to back it up.'

rather like any other party political
video then !

S. Weasel said...

This is a kitten. The BNP hates kittens. Do YOU hate kittens?

Jesus, that was awful. We're doomed.

Anonymous said...

I want to make it quite clear that I don't support the BNP and I have no intention of voting for them.

However, I can understand why some (maybe many) people will.

The BNP are talking about the things that the white working class (in particular) are completely p*ssed off about. The mainstream parties have all ignored these issues - particularly Labour, as the party of Government which has been responsible for many of the policies which white working class people don't want.

Until the mainstream parties start listening to the complaints, and instead of ignoring and dismissing them, actually respond, the BNP will attract more support.

Poll after poll during the past 12 years has shown that the electorate was very concerned about the levels of immigration but they were ignored:

the kind of people being allowed into the country (criminals, terrorists);
the Human Rights Act - where everyones' rights seem more important than native Brits
the destruction of social cohesion;
the lack of integration and the multi-culture agenda so that extreme cultural practices (forced marriages, honour killings etc)were not forcefully tackled;
the introduction of Muslim symbols of faith/Sharia/welfare for polygamy etc;
the resources going to immigrant communities; the knock-on effect on schools, public services, availability of housing etc etc

Now maybe the concerns were unfounded - maybe not. But the fact is that Labour (which is the main party to be punished) would not even discuss the issues. The mainstream parties collectively raised their hand and said

talk to the hand - the face ain't listening

Well, by voting BNP, disgrunted people are effectively saying "You will now!"

I don't think the British people are racist. We have a history of welcoming people to the country - and if they make a reasonable effort to adapt, they pretty soon assimilate. But I DO think people are determined to send a message to the mainstream parties - Labour in particular - that enough is enough.

There is a disconnect between Labour and its white working class roots .... where there is a vacuum - something generally fills it.

Can I say again, I do not support the BNP.

Donal Blaney said...

I argue that we should ignore the BNP but address the real or perceived issues that have arisen. The BNP is a sordid statist, protectionist, far-left party.

Cinnamon said...

@Old Holborn:

The EU already has laws prepared (subject to Lisbon treaty) that allow it to kill people in times of civil unrest. See here:

So, looks like you need to give up voting, eh? ;-(

Steven Webster said...

I love the way the main political parties believe they have a divine right to govern and that any opposition from the BNP is somehow a "threat to democracy".

Keep believing that the people will stick with you forever because one day they may just wake up and ask why you destroyed the nation. The working-class doesn't need an infantile video to decide who to vote for, and Cameron's goons still have no chance in any working class community.

Cameron has no principles or ideals, he's just a face to a party that is losing members. Don't forget, who's going to replace the mass blue rinse brigade of the tories? Nobody.

Sue said...

I totally agree with the last anonymous poster!

The BNP are becoming popular because the main parties are unwilling to discuss the issues worrying people.

Teri said...


Robert Bennett
Gang rape. Affray.
Oversaw BNP leafleting campaign in Oldham 2002.

and the list goes on! We should take them on and expose them fully. It's the only way to get rid of scum like this.

I agree with Iain on this.

Give them the voice they want and challenge them all the way.

I mean, other than anyone non-white get out, what else do they stand for?

Whats their policy on NHS, Education, recession etc? They don't have one. Just a bunch of little boy racists and thugs.

Lets not get caught up in the fear of not dealing with them! Let's just do it!

Anonymous said...

Can I just ask, because I genuinely don't know, what the best way is? I accept we can't ignore them and must take them on, but is it not possible that websites like this run the risk of actually making them into martyrs? Like I say, I genuinely don't know on that one and am just wondering....

Bertie Norton-Postlethwaite said...

There's nothing British about raging expenses fraud, either.

moat cleaner said...

Mr Weasel
That looks like a stoat to me not a kitten. But if the BNP hates kittens then they will get my vote. Blighters ruined my bedding plants this morning.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Either the video is factually wrong or Nick Griffin was lying when interviewed by Andrew Neill. I have seen no evidence to suggest that people like the subject of the video will be asked to leave.

In fact the video is pathetic. Worse still, it draws attention to the fact that the Tories will not touch immigration with a barge pole.

The Muslim population of this country has doubled in five years. The demographic projections, based upon a dwindling ethnically British population and an increasing birth rate among Muslims show that in less than fifty years Britain will be a Muslim nation. Do you really want this?

Already there are no go areas for White Christians in Britain. The Head of Religion at the BBC is a Muslim. They are changing fast food outlets into Halal only restaurants. Muslims politicians have a far lower honesty threshold than any other. Just look at the vote-rigging scandals of the past decade.

When will you all wake up? Will you wake up when theatres are closed? When comedians cannot perform? When TV drama is sanitized so as not to offend Islam? When books are banned?

What kind of society do you want? If you allow the wet liberals to carry on with this conspiracy of denial, there will be no democracy left to defend.

Paddy said...

What a pathetic load of amateurish nonsense that video was. Unsubstantiated allegations with a silly little Mockney hard man to back them up.

ZaNuLab and the Cons have completely betrayed the British working classes and will reap the seeds of forced multiculturalism and EU inspired political correctness which they have sowed over the coming years.

I believe thay we are heading for civil war in this country within the next two decades because of rampant multiculturalism. It simply does not work.

The big 3 parties won't address the genuine fears of the working classes on this issue because they do not live side-by-side with our immigrants, they don't take the London bus at 11pm and have to feel genuinely at risk nor do they compete with ten foreigners for one job. It's pathetic and they must address people's genuine concerns and fears or else we'll be landed with this obnoxious bunch of Marxists in the very near future.

Enough of the smears: the BNP don't have a forced repatriation policy and the disgusting pigs at Westminster who have their hands in my pocket so that they can buy pathpluhs and moat maintenance ha e absolutely no moral authority nor right to tell people that they should feel ashamed of themselves for daring to vote for a party that seems to tackle head on the most important issue of our generation.

Jabba the Cat said...

The only way the BNP(and UKIP) are going to be marginalised is by addressing the main issues of immigration control, with a severe crack down via no nonsense deportations of illegal immigrants and too many foreign workers from Europe. If the Germans and the French can keep out the hordes so can we.

Likewise addressing the problem of getting our sovereignty back from the unelected dictatorship in Brussels. Referendum on the Constitutional Treaty. Free trade and a level playing field, no CAP and no political integration.

Last but not least, jail a few politicians for fraud.

Summer said...

Why doesn't whoever made this video spend their money on fighting the real fascism that is going on under their noses from the EU and the Labour Government?

Address the issues the BNP are winning support on and they will wither away, if they have nothing else to say.

The British people don't hate others of another race, anymore than anyone else - and when you look at some countries probably a lot less.

But they don't want to be discriminated against in their own country, they don't want people of other cultures coming here and breaking down social cohesion with values and practices foreign (and often offensive) to us, and they don't want to be taken for a ride by unelected European autocrats who make our MP's expenses look like chicken feed!!

And as for criminals - well I hope the Telegraph doesn't decided to turn there next in the MP fiasco. One of the biggest criminals is one Gordon Brown - wanted for a number of crimes against 'humanity.

I put this video in the same category as the latest one from the Labour party trying to smear the Tories. And I will pay no attention to either.

tonyjive said...

BNP say their not racist, but how come their constitution says only whites can become members?

bill ward said...

tonyjive said...
BNP say their not racist, but how come their constitution says only whites can become members?

May 15, 2009 12:57 PM

is the black policemans association racist as well then tony in your view,just askin.

Anonymous said...

In line with others, I don't support the BNP either, blah blah etc.

I don't think for a second we should ignore the BNP, but rather, we should allow them to enforce their democratically guaranteed platform to state their case and make their points. I feel this is likely to prompt their downfall and marginalisation sooner than any (further) amount of blackballing would.

Ideally, we would do well to address the reasons as to why the BNP appear to be experiencing an increase in favourable public opinion, rather than lazily dismissing them as an affront to democracy. Apparently in Britain democracy is the will of the 3 mainstrain parties, rather than the voice of the public.

The shame here is that if the Tories had bigger testicles and were willing to nail their colours to the proverbial mast, they could reach out to the disgruntled working class and the over-taxed middle class and bury New Labour for decades, and consequently get rid of other far-left parties, such as the BNP (read their economic policy, they are far left) and various other silly socialist offshoots.

Anonymous said...

If you want to take on the BNP, you'll need to discuss issues such as this:

Dan Humphreys said...

Bill Ward - the following text is at the very top of the page of the National Black Police Association's website:
"Everyone within policing is eligible to join the NBPA (There is no barrier to membership)"
So no - the NBPA is not a racist organisation. The BNP is. It would have taken you about thirty seconds to do that ever so hard piece of research before you posted that clever question.

Myles said...

People who moan about uncontrolled immigration but then slag off the BNP really annoy me. There is absolutely nothing to suggest that "Dave", when he becomes prime minister, will close the floodgates (the Tories say they intend keeping the human rights act in place).

Also, why is it acceptable to promote the transformation of Britain into a balkanised, multi-cultural, multi-racial society but beyond the pale simply to want our country to return to the demographic make up that existed before 1960?

No Society said...

Totally condescending video, embarrassing for the Conservatives and Tim Montgomerie.

There is a thin veneer of respectability about the BNP, but as with most extreme parties, scratch the surface etc….nevertheless i agree they should be exposed with blanket coverage and debate.

My big problem is what is going on with the Tory line that they dare not broach the main BNP manifesto and the biggest single social disaster in my generation - immigration? – a total vote shoe in if policy is tackled head on i.e. shops closed at worst. The Cameroons should also address the voters acute awareness of our subservience to the European Federal project without any democratic approval.

Peripheral political parties are addressing these REAL issues which have a deeper and longer term impact and also those that have been created without mandate by this rotten incumbent Government

The coffee has been brewing for far too long..

bill ward said...

Dan Humphreys said...
It would have taken you about
thirty seconds to do that ever so hard piece of research before you posted that clever question.

May 15, 2009 2:12 PM

no need to get on your high horse mr humphreys i was only askin,
oh and while your at it mr humphreys could you tell me if there is a NWPA that black people can join so as not to feel left out.

bill ward said...

perhaps you can answer me another question Dan if you dont mind,do you think these people are acting in a racist manner or not ?,just askin.,2933,519965,00.html

sorry you'll have to copy and paste the link.

Dan Humphreys said...

Bill Ward - you clearly were not "only askin" (sic).
You asked if the NBPA was racist in reply to a claim that the BNP was.
Therefore you were trying to draw a parellel between two sets of policies.
And you screwed up!

Anonymous said...

Personally, I will never vote for the BNP. Nevertheless, I suggest that the Conservative Party would do better telling me why they think I should vote for them, not why I should not be voting for x,y or z other party.

john in cheshire said...

I hope the BNP is populated with hard men, because it is going to take such people when the fighting begins. It's no use having people like me, who mouth off but would run a mile if there was any sign of violence. Everyone fears and respects aggression. I just want to ensure there's enough of it on my side. Hopefully, the BNP are acquiring the requisite numbers to deal with the enemy, when the time comes.

bill ward said...

Bill Ward - you clearly were not "only askin" (sic).

I was only askin i said so didn't i
now jump of that very high horse cherub and try answering one of my questions if you can that is.

parellel (sic)

Anonymous said...

I will be voting BNP because the main political parties have debased what it means to English/Scottish/Welsh. They seem to think that anyone who can get to these shores not only has the right to stay but is as deserving of all the benefits of citizenship as the people who have paid tax here for 50 years.

10 years ago when The Greens started to poll well, the main parties started to steal many of their clothes. Today the Tories have a tree as their logo FFS.

By voting BNP sensible people will force the main political parties to adopt the tough immigration rules that we need to survive as a culture. QED.

ps - what a crap video.

working class nationalist said...

We will have our day no little liebor or tory queens will stop us.

Maybe i will tell you to piss off one day Iian,to your face...fat snob!!

Anonymous said...

From what I can see, the entire thrust of the argument is that denying Ben his Britishness is evil. That's it. Nothing else. No definition of "Britishness" whatsoever. How pathetic. It's just typical of the prevailing media view that anyone can be what they want, do what they want and if you don't have the same world view, you are evil. Hence their support for homosexual marriage, pornography, moral relativism, abortions, promiscuity etc. Yet if I don't agree with them, I should feel guilty about that. Likewise, they seek to deny the indigenous people of this country the right to define THEIR OWN identity, instead insisting that ANYONE can be British (which they define in some airy-fairy multicultural manner or by the fact that someone has a passport). The reality is that Ben has his own identity and can decide for himself who he is. But by the same token, the native population can decide for themselves who they are, without supposed Conservatives trying to guilt trip them into accepting their own nothingness. An ethnic group has the right to exclusivity otherwise it accepts its own destruction. I wish Ben all the best with his life, but niether Ben, nor the entire non-indigenous population of the UK are a reason to destroy the indigenous population (which is what they are trying to achieve by mish-mashing everyone).

Joe Public said...

I thought the BNP were a minority no-hope party.

But with all the recent publicity about them provided by influential members of the Conservative and Labour parties, maybe the BNP are worth considering!

When will politicians learn that they should promote their own policies and not mention their competitors. It simply stimulates curiosity that may lose a supporter.

Anonymous said...

If only the narrator would have sniffed it would have been that bit more authentic and a wee bit less patronising.

Anonymous said...

What a load of tosh. As a scientist I pride myself in making sure I know all the facts before I make a decision or belive anything anyone says is the truth. I wonder how many of these people who calling the BNP pretty much the spawn of satan have actully gone on to their website, read there manifestos and policies and compared them to the other parties? I'm not saying I support the BNP and I'm not saying I don't but I have read their website and it looks like they could do the Uk alot of good. It's a shame most British people believe everything the media puts on front of them (mostly people who have spent your hard earned tax to spoil and treat themselves because they think they can get away with because you have put them there) have forgotton to think, learn and find out things on their own.

Frankie said...

I don't think that a small group of " Tory Boys " starting a new anti-BNP website will win many people over? It's a bit sad that they've decided to focus their attentions on rubbishing another political party. Wouldn't they be better served cleaning up ( and out ) their own party? If they spent as much effort on the Tory Party as they do bashing the BNP, they would win a lot more votes and actually trounce Labour at the next election!
I think that the main political parties are scared of the BNP because they suddenly realised they've all spent 12 years lining their pockets at the tax payers expense, expanding their property portfolios and increasing their annual holidays to 144 days!!!! ( Yes that's nearly 5 months holiday a year!! ). They've completely forgotten and abandoned the working man and driven him into the arms of the BNP. They might not like to hear it, but their own greed, corruption, fraud, dishonesty, amoral and unjust expense claims are their downfall and the BNP's gain!