Friday, May 08, 2009

Podcasts with Pienaar

Yesterday I recorded a 12 minute podcast chat with 5 Live's John Pienaar, mainly about Joanna Lumley & the Gurkhas, as well as a review of PMQs.

Listen out near the end for my line on Nick Clegg taking Viagra!

And it went so well, we did another one today on the expenses scandal. Listen to them both HERE.

(If you are wondering why the expenses one is a bit echoey, I was on Skype from home!)


Shamik said...

Pienaar's a giant, both literally and metaphorically!

He also looks a little like the President of YemenMet him once at a Labour party conference a few years back. Great man!

Swiss Bob said...

I'd like to but it's a bit late. . . Do you ever sleep?

Demetrius said...

Well, I suppose its better than working.

ConstantlyFurious said...

You've gone very quiet on 'Profligate' this afternoon Iain.

I'm wondering if you and Dave are sitting comfortably tonight.

Do you know what's coming next?

Carl said...

As you're a self-proclaimed "Essex Boy" perhaps you'd like to comment on the interesting political developments of the county...

Plenty said...

I think we should keep the heat on this story up for a while and then focus on MPs pensions.

I can;t believe these MPs had the audacity to slate Fred the shred Goodwin.

And what is more, had this not all come out, do you really think they would have been harping on about needing to change the system. It's pathetic.

John M Ward said...

On expenses: yes, the system does need sorting out anyway; but as Steve Green rightly points out at Daily Referendum, a murderer can't credibly blame his weapon for the deed.

The fault lies with all those (from whichever party or none) whose behaviour has led them to be mentioned in this media initiative.

Hopefully, when all has been checked and the work done (e.g. what might be happening to McNulty), justice will be done, just for a change, and fully.

Fausty said...

You come across well on radio - as a person of integrity.

Well done, and please continue.