Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Survey Results: Who Do You Vote For?

2,100 of you took the survey. Here's who you vote for and where you rate yourself philosophically...

Conservative 57%
Labour 12%
LibDem 7%
SNP 2%
Green 2%
Don't Know 9%
Won't Vote 4%
Others 3%

Libertarian 47%
Authoritarian 4%
Socially Liberal 45%
Socially Conservative 26%
Old Labour 5%
New Labour 9%
Thatcherite 34%
Cameroon 20%
Tory Wet 4%
Anarchist 3%
Laissez Faire Liberal 21%


Anonymous said...

Small correction: it should be "Laisser Faire Liberal", or preferably "Laissez Faire Liberal", but not "Laiiser Faire Liberal".

eric the fish said...

Any fish fanciers or, better still, financiers?

Anonymous said...

"Whom do you vote for?" or more pedantically "For whom do you vote?".

Votedave said...

Hooray, does this mean the Brown bounce is finally over? :)

16words said...

A staggering 47% Libertarian. Where is the British Ron Paul?

Woffle said...

THat's a strange bunch of options for the job question. What about with people with 'normal' jobs? Don't you have any bus drivers, doctors or estate agents reading then?