Friday, April 13, 2007

Let's Not Overestimate the BNP Threat

Before we get carried way by the BNP threat we ought to remember that they have far fewer people on the ground than they say. I just spent the last few minutes scrolling through Nick Griffin's blog (forgive me if I don't link to it) and found this little morsel...
We’re due in Yarmouth for another lunchtime meeting. Again I’m frankly
surprised by the turnout. About twenty people are present. This is another
hitherto ‘unenriched’ town which is being transformed by a torrent of immigrant
scab labour. We desperately need to stand candidates here for the first time,
and I work as hard as I can to convince the still doubt-filled local ‘possibles’
to make a firm commitment to stand. The little meeting may just have done the
trick. Certainly all present seem well pleased as we leave to head south for
Suffolk and the last stretch of the tour.

A quick check of the Great Yarmouth Council website reveals that not a single BNP candidate is standing in the borough on May 3rd. Good. In fact, there are only two BNP candidates in the whole of Norfolk, both in a single ward in King's Lynn.


The Hitch said...

Dont be so smug , cracks are appearing in the dam.
Many traditional conservative voters share many of the BNP's values certainly more than share the so called Values that Cameron declares.
I wouldnt be suprised if the BNP gain even more votes this May.
They have mine.

Colin D said...

Perhaps if politicians of the "main party's" had sufficient sense and standing the BNP would not exist. Who do they really threaten?

Chris Paul said...

True, let's not either overestimate or underestimate the BNP. Let's assess them carefully.

They are standing 750 candidates. Some of these on new turf. They have had a strategy for some years of spreading themselves thin, getting on a lot of ballot papers, and increasing their overall vote. They are working towards Euro and GLA elections in particular.

And as we know they were just 3,000 off getting a GLA seat for East London and just 30,000 off getting an MEP in NW England.

Their strategy does deliver them more votes in their true target elections as well as more hopelessly ineffective councillors mostly NOT going to Town Halls - unless the Lib Dems vote them unto a regeneration committee.

They're not nice. BNP or Lib Dems for that matter.

Ketlan said...

The BNP may gain seats on the back of the main parties continual failures to address the issues that concern people but they largely gain seats on the back of lies - for example, the 'Africans for Essex' fraud, which earned them a lot of votes in Barking and Dagenham. It's easy to be populist when you're in opposition but it's a damn sight more difficult when you get to be in charge.

Newmania said...

I agree with Hitch up to a point . It is true that New Labour have destroyed and betrayed the working classes whom they despise for their social Conservatism and unhealthy nationalism. It is also true that immigrant communities have displaced whites from housing lists. This is where the BNP profit.

It is true that those who claim to be "Anti racist" do not send their children to schools that cope badly with eight languages nor are they on housing lists competing in a breeding war. They are not plumbers or builders whose pay and work has been sacrificed while big business is cosseted by cheap EU Labour. They do not live where they are likely to be shot or stabbed by African immigrants. They do not drink in a local (they never had one ).They do not regret that they can no longer be sure if a passer by will even speak their language where it used to be .
Their children will marry white girls and boys for the most part attending fee paying schools wealth selection Comps in good areas .When they date they sort along entirely racial lines whatever they claim over Dinner . The BNP exploits real frustrations that noone else is articulating
The Conservative Party knowing that there are relatively few seats to be had by speaking to the Conservative yearnings of the white working class and they are desperate to suck up to Public sector Professionals who vote and are key to marginal seats . For me if we pass by on the other side from the White working class the Party has lost its Soul .
The BNP has a specifically racist manifesto that is not shared by most of its supporters. The working classes are not racist they are less so than the middle-classes but the BNP like most extremist Parties is dominated by loons and can never be anything but an evil. I would never support the BNP but I get angry beyond belief that the Conservative Party spends all its time on Liberal window dressing says so little about Housing Policy , Immigration and Crime and in defence of the class whose loyalty and contribution to this country the elites are quick to forget…until the next time……

C4' said...

Four fascist groups are standing for election in my area the Nulabs (New Labour), the BNP, the Lib Dems and the seperatists. Unfortunately for them, I specialise in pest control!

Pedant said...

It's not just what they win, it's the votes that they get. Look at the number of "close" council seats, and look at the "second preferences" revealed by the polls! In my own authority they were second in, I think, eight out of 30 seats last year out of 11 contested. Iain look at East London and the industrial Midlands and North, and think again.

Andrew Woodman said...

I don't know many traditional Conservatives who believe in far left economics the hitch. I think Labour have much more to fear from the BNP than us.

Pedant said...

I like to be accurate. In Bradford in 2006 the BNP contested 15 out of 30. They won one, came second in eight and came a CLOSE third in 5. As I say, think again Iain.

Observer said...

This is so commercial...rubbish the other product so noone notices defects in your own.

The fact is these elections are a self-indulgent frippery. Councils are unimportant branch offices of The Treasury and controlled through RDAs and the Learning & Skills Councils.

It pleases political parties to come out and give a sop to the docile electorate and make tem think great issues are at stake, but it would not really matter if noone turned out to vote, it would be business as usual.

Hegel's Dictum was that "The State is permanent, the Individual transient".....and the government behind the curtain continues and administers the State whether people putting crosses or noughts on voting slips.

It matters not whether they vote BNP or SWP or Green or make up their own write-in candidate; the circus will continue with officials carrying out Whitehall Diktats and the exercise is merely window-dressing as practised so effectively in the USSR for years.

The great thing is these elections will be forgotten by July and the Machine will simply rumble on carrying out the commands of the Brussels/Whitehall nexus

hatfield girl said...

Observer 's comment is truly frightening - not least for being so accurate. The headlong collapse of democratic arrangements at every level of governance has speeded up so much in the last 10 years.

It's all very well for parties to say they are 'keeping their powder dry' and 'not giving hostages to fortune' but really they aren't telling the electorate anything in time for us all to get organised.

However was local government simply removed from all effectiveness? And, more importantly, what can be done to regain control?

Pedant said...

Observer, Have you ever taken part in politics, other than as a voter? I ask because you are talking rubbish. Local elections give vital indicators. Many a Westminster seat in won by work in the local elections.

Little Black Sambo said...

Ketlan: "It's easy to be populist when you're in opposition but it's a damn sight more difficult when you get to be in charge". I hope you're not making excuses for this lot.

Observer on local government: how very true! Did you follow Newmania's link to Raedwald?

Fulham Reactionary said...

I have always voted Tory in the past, but will vote BNP next time I get the chance. This country is on the road to Hell: unlimited mass immigration, violent thuggery rife across London and beyond, vast and growing numbers of Muslims supporting Sharia law and hating Britain, and we're stuck in the EU. And yet all that the mainstream parties are interested in doing is fighting it out to see who can look the most 'compassionate' and appeal to the most liberal-leftists. Why would any sane person vote for that? At least the BNP would do something about the huge problems this country faces, whereas the Tories don't care how much the country is run into the ground, as long as they, and not Labour, are the ones presiding over the mess.

And, no, the BNP's economic policies are not, as is often claimed, far-leftist: indeed, Nick Griffin has advocated reducing the tax burden, which is rather more than David Cameron has done.

The Hitch said...

Because I intend to join and support for the BNP its doesn't necessarily follow that I agree with all their policies, in the same way that the Conservative party contains people like Iain Dale and Kenneth clarke or indeed you Mr Mania.
Bizarre as it may sound I would like to see some black members of the BNP, Brits, born here who appreciate why traditional British values are the best and realise that marxists are flushing this country down the toilet.
The British army has many black people who think that way, they should be welcomed into the BNP
I will wheel my black friend out again , he is british , he isnt interested in where his parents were born , he , like them ,thinks that British is best ,he wants to celebrate Christmas not "winterval" or Diwali or Eid
He wants his son to speak the Queens English not patois or American ghetto slang nor Urdu.
Anybody who reads my blog will know that today I saw a newspaper stand with a sticker advertising a free Polish newspaper "polska gazette" with the slogan "If you dont speak polish dont bother"
I did bother I picked up all the newspapers and shoved them into a bin and will do so everytime I see them again.
The Conservative party is dead and led by a tosser.
Im British and a Nationalist , David cameron has nothing for me.

Anonymous said...

The BNP have more candidates standing in Lincoln than the Liberal Democrats and if a recent canvass session is anything to go by they are a threat in areas covering council estates I am afraid.

VFTN said...

It's not just the number of candidates but where they are standing that is significant. The Yorkshire Post did this piece which said BNP candidates are standing in areas like York rural North Yorkshire. This suggests the lies perpitrated by the BNP are spreading to areas which don't even experience significant immigration. Surely that represents a failure of the mainstream?

Anonymous said...

Hmm..but let's not underestimate them either. The 'Le Pen' factor of voters who won't admit to voting BNP means they often get a higher percentage of votes than the polls would suggest.

And their move to pitch a slightly more 'Daily Mail' rather than overtly racist campaign and resorting to dog whistle politics may garner quite a few votes from the ignorant. After all it worked for David..

Anonymous said...

Get Conservative policies correct and there would be no need to consider the BNP.

forthurst said...

The platform of the BNP is as it is so as to appeal to the white working class, in the same way that Dave's platform is designed to appeal to the drippy centre and the LibDems to badger watchers; I'm not certain who Bliar's platform is aimed at apart from Neocons and Oligarchs with oodles of dosh.

Anonymous said...

Jim said,,The BNP are the only alternative to the usual suspects, we need a sea change in politics and they will be getting my vote.

Snedds said...

It is foolish to overestimate the BNP in the terms of last years debarcle where they were given too much publicity.

It is not foolish to overestimate the BNP in terms of their electoral support, we should not spend our days pontificating on them, when we could spend our days out on the streets campaigning against them as part of coalitions like UAF and campaigning for our political parties.

In Lancaster, students from accross the spectrum joined up for a day delivering leaflets from Searchlight under the banner of Lancaster UAF, and made it clear that all parties abhor the Nazi BNP.

Ketlan said...

'I hope you're not making excuses for this lot.'

You refer to the BNP or the existing ruling parties? I make no excuses for any of them, least of all the BNP.

forthurst said...

snedds invites us to join the UAF rabble to chant, “We are Muslim, black and Jew, there are many more of us than you” outside the Colosseum and other strategic locations. No thanks; for one thing it doesn't scan. Anyhow I'm English so I dont qualify.

no longer anonymous said...

"I don't know many traditional Conservatives who believe in far left economics the hitch. I think Labour have much more to fear from the BNP than us."

The BNP's brand of economic nationalism was once upheld by the Tories when they were a protectionist party. They also have an anti-supermarket position that appeals to conservatives who believe supermarkets undermine small traditional communities. Even their most notably leftist economic policy - encouraging workers' co-ops - is about increasing private property ownership, albeit in a cooperative format.

The BNP's economic policies are what one might call statist conservative or statist right-wing, although I admit I have lazily referred to them as left-wing before. They are inspired by the distributist beliefs of Belloc and Chesterton who were certainly not lefties. If anything they were reactionaries who wanted to return to a time before capitalism. Let us not forget that the green movement and opposition to industrial civilisation originated on the Right.

no longer anonymous said...

"out on the streets campaigning against them as part of coalitions like UAF"

UAF are effectively a communist front group opposed to freedom of speech.

Anonymous said...

The BNP play on the fact that they are able to 'pop up' in local elections, clearly with the intention of generating maximum headlines and (they hope) predictions of gloom from flaky politicians (usually concerned about their own seats). But a major breakthough, before the collapse of social order they are hoping for, is something they fear. Without 'chaos and disorder' the BNP is actually held accountable - they don't really wont that.

The Green Arrow said...

We shall see what we shall see.

Whatever way the cards fall, neither I or any of my family will vote for any other party than the B.N.P. from now on.

Anonymous said...

Iain, why not concentrate on beating New Labour first? That'd be a start.

Then the Tories - or whatever they'll be calling themselves by then - can deal with the 'threat' from the BNP - a threat that could never exist if the main parties honestly addressed the serious social problems caused by mass immigration.

Newmania's analysis is absolutely bang on.

It'd be ironic if it was Gordon Brown's massive client-group of white benefit claimants who 'elected' the BNP. But they might do just that. And from a lot of remarks I've heard in local council offices and NHS surgeries, I'd bet they'd be joined by a surprising number of local council workers as well - many of whom have been overlooked for promotion or treated unequally by their 'HR' departments in the same way that the white working/shirking classes have been overlooked for council flats and houses in some urban areas.

Sir Francis Walsingham said...

The BNP are Left Nazis (heavily influenced by the Strasser brothers).

Hence the economic policies and the fascination with the Brown Shirts.

Delicolor said...

I'm told they are contesting all 33 seats up for grabs in Leeds. (They currently have one, regrettably in the Ward I live in).

They are contesting 12 seats out of 24 on Morley Town Council- Labour are only contesting 11. (There are 23 Alliance independents (Morley Borough Independents) and five individual independents, although two of them are believed to be BNP Members.

The Bournemouth Nationalist said...

Once regarded as the backbone of Britain, the people who saved our country in two world wars, the indigenous, less affluent, sector of the population is now treated with contempt by the liberal elitists, who sneer at the supposed idleness, vulgarity, xenophobia and ignorance of so-called "chavs" or "white trash".

This kind of repellent snobbery and prejudice was captured in an extraordinary outburst from newspaper columnist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown. Condemning white working-class Britons as "either too lazy or too expensive to compete" in the new era of multi-racialism, she wrote that "tax-paying immigrants past and present keep indolent British scroungers on their couches drinking beer and watching TV".

Such comments are not only offensive, but also factually incorrect, since levels of unemployment and welfare dependency are actually much higher in certain immigrant communities. According to the Office of National Statistics, 35 per cent of Muslim households have no adult in employment, more than twice the national average, though no liberal columnist would dream of ever writing about "Muslim scroungers".

The growing ostracism of the white working class is highlighted in a report out recently by the Tory party's Social Justice Policy Group, chaired by the former leader Iain Duncan Smith. In his report, Duncan Smith warns that white pupils from poor backgrounds are performing worse at schools than any other ethnic group. He fears that there is a danger of creating "an uneducated and unemployable underclass of forgotten children".

On top of the crisis in education, white workers are also confronted with economic difficulties, since they are disproportionately employed in the declining manufacturing industries, while in the services sector their wages are under pressure because of mass immigration. Yet, instead of having their plight recognised, they are condemned by the nanny-employing classes for their insular racism and reluctance to struggle on minimal pay.

If the experience of poor urban whites were happening to other groups, there would be an outcry, followed by official inquiries, commissions, reports, and positive action plans, which of course there is for the ethnic minority poor in Britain. But nothing of the sort will occur for the low paid white worker. The entire thrust of the state machine is to address the needs of ethnic minorities, not the hard-pressed indigenous population, an evil pernicious kind of racism at its worst, carried out by the affluent, insular and stupid white elite, yet racism it is because it is only those poor indigenous members of Britain who lack funding and until the BNP came along lacked a political and social voice.

The public sector is now filled with initiatives geared towards blacks and Asians, whether they be special housing, positive action training schemes, or community grants. No less than 10 per cent of all Arts Council funding, for instance, is explicitly given to ethnic minority groups, while the BBC makes a fetish of minority recruitment, reflected in the famous comment of the former director general Greg Dyke that the corporation is "hideously white". That is the attitude that prevails in our civic institutions. The celebration of diversity is a one-way street, with every culture treated with reverence except the traditional British one.

In his book The Likes of Us: A History of the White Working Class, the author Michael Collins recalled coming across a municipal leaflet in a library in south London, listing every group that had settled in the borough, including the Germans, Dutch, Afro-Caribbeans, Somalians and Ethiopians. As he read this, Collins sensed an elderly white man looking over his shoulder. "They don't mention us English," said the old man, "You wouldn't think we existed, would you?"

When they are not being airbrushed from history, the white working classes are being openly loathed. The fashionable push for healthier school dinners has a nasty sub-text of bullying intolerance towards working-class eating habits; the same is true of the crackdown on smoking.

In this climate of condescension, double standards abound. So the human rights brigade works itself into a froth about the civil liberties of alleged Muslim terrorists, yet utters not a bat-squeak of condemnation of the Draconian measures used against suspected football hooligans, who, whatever their faults, have not been accused of plotting mass slaughter. But then hardline soccer fans, unlike Islamic radicals, tend to be white, so they are seen as fair game.

The same hypocrisy can be seen over crime. White working-class youths are treated as a disturbing threat to the fabric of our society, yet the propensity for young urban blacks to be involved in serious violent crime attracts nothing like the same concern.

What everybody does know, however, is that this country is: a spent force on the world stage, a laughing stock on the world stage, slowly being sucked into Europe with less than a whimper, a breeding ground for the lawless, swamped by immigrants legally or otherwise without any thought to the country's capability to provide the services and the money for such an influx and an extremely hard working and tolerant majority having the urine extracted from them at every twist and turn. By a government who are so smug as to more or less tell us how lucky we are to have them look after our interests. The truth being most of us are too well off to be sponging off the welfare system and too poor to stick two fingers up at the rest. I am what one would call working class. Except that I am now double working class because I need two jobs to pay my mortgage, feed my family and have a basic standard of living but a rapidly deteriorating quality of life. I have always voted Conservative and thought that I always would. Note that last sentence was in the past tense! I would NEVER vote Labour or Lib Dem. Your assault on the BNP is the typical bile and venom I have experienced from the Labour campaigners who trashed the Conservatives on my doorstep before the '97 General election and shows how desperate the Labour party is to cling onto power at local and national levels as once again it attacks the preserve of the proud British heterosexual, married not divorced, working, raising three teenagers, with a wife some would call not indigenous, looking to buy my own business but fed up with the red tape and the relentless list of extra taxes, wondering why I should actually be “boverred” and fed up to the back teeth with people like you who haven’t got the balls to stand up and say “this isn’t fair”, “give them a break”…..You make me sick, utterly utterly sick and only resolves my will and fortitude to continue the fight with the only political party that cares for its people, the people of this once proud nation, the people of Great Britain

Observer said...

Observer, Have you ever taken part in politics, other than as a voter? I ask because you are talking rubbish. Local elections give vital indicators.

I see a mere voter does not know what is going on. That is an interesting confession.

Must join the clique and learn what the voters do not know about.

The admission that politics is for the party apparatchiki and only they know what is going on is most welcome confirmation.

As for "Local elections" - they are not, merely 33% Councillors stand for election each year and in Year 4 no elections take place. No wonder solid Labour and solid Conservative Councils cannot be dislodged...

no longer anonymous said...

"The BNP are Left Nazis (heavily influenced by the Strasser brothers)."

The Strassers actually favoured mass nationalisation. Even the BNP don't go this far. They're distributist rather than strasserite although for some reason these two tendencies are seen as the same.

ordinary housewife said...

The thing that politicians of each of the main parties fails to understand is that the ordinary voter is sick and fed up with the failure to listen to their point of view.
Voters were not asked if they wanted multi culturalism, with the result that some of the most liberal and tolerant people are becoming very angry.

As an illustration in regard to religion, some months ago I met a family that to my certain knowledge has not set foot in a christian church in the last 30 years, neither have they any time for church people or life and yet all of them were furiously arguing at a meeting about the downgrading of Christian teaching and Christian values in this 'their Christian country'.

The BNP has candidates in my country town because of the complete disregard for - sorry there is no other way of saying it -the English voters.

No I will never vote BNP but I know a great many people who might just do that because it is the only way that politicians might listen to them.

Realpolitik said...

In early 2006 Griffin was on trial for calling Islam a "wicked, vicious faith" in the back room of a pub whilst Muslims were marching on London streets demanding people be beheaded and the Police stood there and did nothing.

Ordinary people like me cannot afford a one bedroomed flat but have to sit and listen to buy-to-let landlords talking about how well they live on their five rented properties, whilst you can live in a rented property for 20 years but you only get two months notice of having to leave it.

A week of horrific reports about school discipline from the Teachers' Conference.

The BNP don't need to do any canvassing, all the work is being done for them.

I couldn't care less about the BNP until a couple of years ago. Now I am sympathetic (but not a supporter).

For the record, I like the Polish. They work hard and are absolutely charming.

C4' said...

The BNP are Left Nazis (heavily influenced by the Strasser brothers).

The Nazis have always been Lefties, afterall they are NATIONAL SOCIALISTS. The Left have always tried to equate fascist with the right to slander conservatives and distract the masses from the fact that fascists are fellow soicalists.

Manfarang said...

Its no good voting for the BNP,the clock cannot be turned back even by one minute.

Observer said...

Manfarang - you should have called yourself Omar Khayam since you paraphrase him.

Who said people want to go back ? They simply want to go to a different future from the one on offer

Manfarang said...

Some in deep thought spirit seek
Some lost in awe,of doubt reek
I fear the voice,hidden but not weak
Cry out"awake!Both ways are oblique"

Manfarang said...

The Falangists no doubt offered a different future but I feel Spain would have been much better under the Republicans.

Observer said...

The Falangists no doubt offered a different future but I feel Spain would have been much better under the Republicans.

Kerensky was preferable to Lenin, but poor Russia got the mad syphilitic Ulyanov and then the crazed Georgian much better the future could have been

Chris Whiteside said...

My word, that article certainly brought some interesting comments out of the woodwork.

In Copeland we know that that BNP tried to put up candidates. The reason we know this is that some of the people they asked to sign their nomination papers reported the fact to their local Conservatives. We know that the BNP tried particularly hard to oppose one particular Conservative councillor who they have labelled an "Enemy of the people" (and isn't that an interesting phrase for people who claim to be proud of being British to use?)

But the BNP were not able to find ten people to sign their nomination papers in a single one of the 25 wards in Copeland.

The BNP, and its leaders and activists, are not that dissimilar from the National Socialist German Workers party as it existed before Hitler made it a mass movement.

Those of us in mainstram parties need to address, in a non-racist and non-inflammatory way, the genuine problems and issues which the BNP exploits. We must never allow decent people to get the idea that only the BNP are addressing those problems. But neither should we pander to the politics of hate or prejudice when we try to find solutions.

garypowell said...

Which Tory leader do you remember who was a racist fascist National Socialist then? Because I recall non whatsoever in the entire modern, and not so modern, history of the Conservative Party.

The BNP is not Marxist, but it is socialist in every single important respect there is.

Sorry to read that you have been voting for completly the WRONG political organisation for many years.

However, just put it down to experience and try to see it as part of the growing up process.

Dont next lifetime, base your political understanding on what the BBC vomits at you all night and day. Because you may end up again being a very confused Hitch indeed.

Dee said...

The trouble with your Conservative movement is that you're so divided. Why not join ranks and try to get the real enemy, the Left, out of power? I know, online, a few of the BNP members and you're demonising them by calling them racist. They're only concerned about the very real threat of mass immigration on your demographic balance...this is a real problem and it's not going away. What are you going to do there in the UK if someone doesn't stem the tide? If you don't pull together, you're joining the rest of Eurabia.

Sir Francis Walsingham said...

Re: Strasserites

The BNP are following the line that big buiness (in particular) will not be directly controlled - unless they act against the National Interest. As defined by them. Essentially, as long as you do exactly what they say, you're free to do what you want. They do want to nationalise dirctly some things - the lifeboat service included!

This is the entryist version of Strasserism - as used by the Nazis even post Strasserism/Night of the Long Knifes.

Voyager said...

big buiness (in particular) will not be directly controlled

With headquarters in Germany, USA, Japan, France, Spain, China...that will be kind of hard.

The gas pipelines in Northern England are owned by Hong Kong Electric, Cheung Kong, Li Ka Shing inter alia.......and the Electricity Company is owned by MidAmerican Energy of Indiana.........Gazprom is muscling in to have British Gas controlled from Moscow...and the generating sets are owned by two German corporations.

Just what control do these jokers think they will exercise ?

Devil's Kitchen said...

Actually, Iain, I think that your refusal to link to Griffin's blog is very cowardly (but you are not the only one): if his ideas are so odious, then you cannot be feared of directing people to them surely?

In fact, after reading Griffin's pieces, surely people will be more disgusted than ever before?


C4' said...

Actually, Iain, I think that your refusal to link to Griffin's blog is very cowardly (but you are not the only one): if his ideas are so odious, then you cannot be feared of directing people to them surely?

In fact, after reading Griffin's pieces, surely people will be more disgusted than ever before?

You make a very good point DK, but there is a difference between Mr. Dale not linking to BNP websites and the likes of Oxford Cllr Antonia Bance trying to supress the BNP's right to express itself. Is Mr. Dale infringing on the BNP's rights? No! Does Mr. Dale give BNP members the right to counter his arguments on his blog by the likes of the Hitch? Yes!

If Mr. Dale did infringe on the rights of the BNP then he would be just as bad as the BNP themselves, but Mr. Dale is under no moral, legal or libertarian obligation to link to any BNP website. Just as Mr. Dale has shown respect to the BNP scum in a manner that the BNP wouldn't offord others, then we should respect for Mr. Dale decision not to link to the BNP!

David Lindsay said...

The BNP has promised to contest the North-West Durham seat against me but not against any other candidate, implicitly including either the sitting MP (Hilary Armstrong) or her office boy and favoured successor (Neil Fleming), to whom one can only assume that the BNP has no objection. I have the emails to prove this.

Anonymous said...

I've been with Norfolk BNP since i was 15 and it has come very far, the fact we are now contesting seats in King's Lynn is a very good sign. Underestimate us if you want Mr Dale. I was out campaigning in King's Lynn the other day.

Im sorry to dissapoint everyone but in fact im a student. Whats more i would tell the UAF who boast of their student support to not be so proud. Most students either do not care for politics or think with the same common sense as the rest of the silent majority.

If the BNP were not so persecuted by the real liberal fascist in power then no doubt many students would be out campaigning for them alongside myself. More than the communist rabble of UAF could muster anyway!