Sunday, March 11, 2007

Thank You for a Record Week

Thank you to the 51,300 of you who have visited this blog during the past seven days 10% more than the previous best week and more than 50% more than were reading the blog each week at the end of 2006. Your visits and comments are much appreciated.


PJ said...

Surprised nobody's mentioned the Conservatives having the biggest poll lead since 1987 (according to ConHome) - 11 points. OK, so it's in the Sunday Mirror, but still.

Anyway, as you've asked for comments, Iain, this is an exceptionally good blog and keep up the good work. It's provocative, quirky, fun and informative - not an easy mix to pull off.

chatterbox said...

Well done Iain for a great blog, I have followed it since you were a candidate at the last GE and was delighted you started blogging again after the tory leadership contest.
It works because you are genuine and honest in your views rather than a political party mouth piece or using it as an attack vehicle.
Still hoping that you are successful in your bid to be a candidate at the next election you will be a fine MP, also looking forward to the sequel to your first campaign blog.

verity said...

Chatterbox - Yes, Iain would be a great MP to have!

Gammarama said...

congrats Iain, keep up the good work!!!

Star Baby said...

Hello from South Florida. Thank God I found your web site. I am spending half of my time here and the other in Liverpool and have been desperate for some form of reality. All I have access to there is the incredibly boring and suicidally redundant BBC or the newspapers. I did not even know there were any conservatives in the UK. I did go to Sunday Massam not a crazy mind-numbed evangelical in the very quiet town where my boyfriend lives and was astounded at the enormous crowd of normal people. Every pew was jammed. I am constantly asked about George Bush and when I say I have great admiration for him, the conversation ceases. Love your site. Maybe I will learn English after all.

achilles said...

To encourage even further publicity, perhaps you should introduce a Page 3 girl section?

Anonymous said...

archilles is obviously a pervert so take no notice.

Your blog is fab. I'm new to your site and am now totally addicted.

Forget trying to be an MP we need you here!

Ken from gloucester said...

Superb Iain, you give me hope for the future, keep up the good work!!

Madasafish said...

I joined this year.
It's clearly independent : i.e. your own.

Once that stops, it's dead imo.

Keep on as now is my afvice .

achilles said...

anon 819am

you may notice after you've read Iain's blog a bit more that there is quite a bit of humour on his page.....Dummkopf!

Anonymous said...

archilles 12.06

I spent yesterday crying laughing at the shaking hands blog so keep it up!!! (that means you too archilles!!!)

one thing I'm slightly worried about. What has happened to the cash for questions blog? Does it just disapear until something else happens?

I would love to know

simpletory said...

Great Blog - I read it too often for it to be healthy.
However, Re. anonymous 8.19, the traditional Tories of North Norfolk would agree - Sorry Iain!!

Anonymous said...

I 'spose it balances up the fact that you haven't given anyone 'owt to read on your West Ham blog for a while..