Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Sir Humphrey Appleblair Speaks Out

Tony Blair tried to reassure the arts world yesterday that lottery money would not be taken away from the arts and diverted to pay for the Olympics. He said:
"In so far as I can, in advance of decisions yet to be made, let me lay them to rest."
Good, glad he cleared that up. It's all now crystal clear. Translated, what he meant to say was...
"Do you really think I give a Monkey's arse? Since I won't be here in four
months time, why don't you put the question to David Miliband


Man in a shed said...

I just assume he's lying these days - or a best giving misdirection ( which were the thoughts that went through my mind as I listened to his Olympics statement as he tried to convince us the arts are his legacy). The only interest in what he says is what type of trick he is trying to pull this time, and amazement that there are still gullible socialists and guardianistas who believe him.

Curly said...

Doesn't he always give a cultured performance at these events? (Oh sorry, it's his first ever culture speech!)

verity said...

Man in A Shed - Agreed. I just assume he's lying or bigging up his silly little "legacy". He's had more farewell tours than Judy Garland. The man's absurd.

bt said...

Deprive all those labour luvvies of state funding? How could anyone think such a thing?

No, it'll be child-care facilities, community programmes, the NHS and MoD that'll have less money instead. Those deprived in those areas aren't liable to harangue you across a fashionable dinner table.

Call me cynical, but could it be his impending 'retirement' and the prospect of endlessly touting his memoirs that has switched his attention to 'culcher'?

Anonymous said...

Looks like tony's speech writers have been plundering this site.