Friday, March 16, 2007

Chick Lit Versus Chipmunk

If I wasn't so concerned about my carbon footprint I would be driving to Oxford on 22 May to see something that couldn't even be bettered by a 5-0 West Ham victory. Labour Party chipmunk chairman Hazel Blears will be mud wrestling debating at the Oxford Union with none other than Tory Chick Lit A Lister & PPC Louise Bagshawe. Quite how either of them will get a word in edgeways is anybody's guess. And the motion they'll be debating?
"This House believes that no modern woman should vote Conservative"
Just for the avoidance of doubt, Hazel Blears will be proposing the motion...
UPDATE: Jo-Anne Nadler will be seconding Bagshawe.


Richard Havers said...

Of course Hi Hi Hazel is right - she's no modern woman!

Richard Havers said...

Will HHH be debating while wearing one of her new T shirts?

Newmania said...

Divorce. I am in favour of allowing people to divorce. Marriage is optimal, but it can’t be compelled!

This was the most interesting thing I found on the ringers answers on Con Home . She is yet another personality free zone suppied with a kit of opinions from central office which she will stick to.

People are impressed that she and Adam Rickettts, for example , are able to grasp the issues that will inevitably crop up but its only a matter of bit of reading up and low expectations
The A list was a mistake , the preference for women was a mistake and the promotion of photo genic celebrities makes the Party look foolish.

I expect she`ll get bored with it soon but in the meantime her obvious feather bedding is unhelpful

wrinkled weasel said...

I prefer the mud wrestling idea. Could Blears possibly wear a black leather thong and nipple clamps?

Dr.Doom said...

No modern woman does vote Conservative, at least in an substantial numbers.

This is game set and match before it starts.

Her on Question Time last night frightened the life out of me and my pets. She was straight out of the Thatcher era.

She had solicitor,bank manager,accountant,and traffic warden and ballif written all over her.No solar panel, basically.

Is this the best you can do?


Chuck Unsworth said...


Is that Carbon Footprint something you've unfortunately picked up on your shoe? Maybe it's some sort of 'motion'?

Blears is no intellect, but she does do tap-dancing apparently. How clever is Bagshaw, and what are her extra curricular activities?

Perhaps someone could be persuaded to record and post the debate. That would allow everyone, even the protagonists, to stay at home and thereby save lots of footprints. Still, Hazel needs to put herself about a bit, what with the race for Deputy under way and what with all that merchandise to flog.

Jonny Wright said...

Not a surprising motion, given that the President is a fanatical Labour supporter and wears a skirt. (Well, OK, a kilt, but same thing really.)

Curly said...

Madge (my early morning girl) wonders if she could pop down to join the mud wrestling?

Curly's Corner Shop, the blog!

no longer anonymous said...

"She had solicitor,bank manager,accountant,and traffic warden and ballif written all over her."

What's wrong with solicitors, accountants and bank managers?

SPL said...

Hmm, debates are usually on Thursdays.

Benedict White said...

What a ridiculous motion to propose.

Mind you it is one of the techniques of the left to propose themselves as modern, and those who don't agree with them as some how living in the past. That is the rubbish of yesterday of course!

Observer said...

Will Bleary get to sit in a high chair or will she perch on stilts during the debate ?

jafo said...

Has anyone explained to Hazel that she has to shut up when the other side is speaking? Since she always sounds like a speak-your-weight machine with the coin stuck, I wondered.

kingbongo said...

I almost feel sorry for the Chipmunk. The Union is not what it was if it has a man in a kilt running it but he's missed the zeitgeist and will be humiliated.

The tories are now fresh and cool and CF will already have the result in the bag.

javelin said...

Feminism has been hijacked by victimism. Which of course makes The Labour Party the natural party for women.

The Labour Government seem to focus so much on the rights of the victims (except in criminal law where the criminals are the victims). Where ever and when ever somebody can be become a victim, weak or oppressed then they are presumed to have won the argument.

Whether it's men being punished for the sins of their fathers, Blair apologising slavery, illegal immigrants claiming asylum, adults being lured into debt, never ending child poverty, gangs in London, islamic extremists taking offence, council workers wishing no offend islamisists, global warming caused by our own consumption, obese children being over fed, women not getting to the top in the work palce, family courts etc, etc, etc - the emphasis is about being a victim.

It's not the content of the argument that's the issue, but the form. It's not about landing a punch on your opponent - it's about getting an opponent to land a punch on you.

Freedom, responsiblity and strength have been driven into the shadows by a Government that rewards control, rights and weakness.

Lagwolf said...

Mud wrestling is so about an ultimate fighting cage fight? Now that would be fun.

Hazel Blears is the creepyist national politician by far.

Anonymous said...

Bagshaw went to St. Anne's college Oxford (Wiki)

Anonymous said...

Could be embarrasing. Baggy might get confused after comparing party policies with Chippy and end up seconding the motion.

Anonymous said...

Bagshawe was at Ch Ch.

Last time I saw her debate in the Union was as part of her (failed) assault on the presidency, as an undergraduate.

Sadly even that accidentally-on-purpose "slip" (John Evelyn passim) wasn't enough to secure victory for her ... but it was memorable enough for those of us lucky enough to be present.

Dr.Doom said...

What's wrong with, bank managers, solicitors,and accountants etc..?

They all charge you.

When they become MPs, they charge you for services they don't provide!

Hope this answers your questions, earthling.


Anonymous said...

Was Bagshaw the one in the Mail with that Corby too white story? She sounds like she could have a go at hhh. Who is Jo-Ann Nadler?