Monday, March 05, 2007

Blogger TV Tonight

Tonight on Blogger TV at 9pm I'll be giving Alex Hilton from Recess Monkey the chance to defend himself for announcing Lady T's death somewhat prematurely. He'll be on the sofa with Chris Ames, Sunny Hundal, Andrew Ian Dodge and Clive Davis.

UPDATE 6.47pm: Alex Hilton has just emailed to say he won't be joining us after all.


Rich said...

Ask him if he'll announce it again.

wrinkled weasel said...

For those who didn't already know, its ok now to say:

Turner sent Powell an email about Levy.

That's the "smoking gun" email of course.

Please Iain, don't let Hilton give you some guff about being fooled. You know as well as I do he is not an idiot. I think it was malice, plain and simple (mediated possibly by a few glasses of Malibu.. Very nasty.

C4' said...

Crucify The Monkey!

HF said...

Just ask Hilton who the journalist was who made it up.

As it was a joke he can at least share the name of the comedian.

Man in a shed said...

Would have thought a blind fold and last cigarette would be more apt for Alex just now.

Praguetory said...

Wish I could tune in, but I'm out on the town with Mutley the dog. Explain to him how to apologise properly.

Ken from Gloucester said...

You are as usual being too nice to such people as Hilton.

What he said about an elderly lady was atrocious and typical Old Labour.

They lost the argument and were out of power for 18 glorious years!!Tell him to get over it.

Tom Tyler said...

You know, I wonder if it was Sunny Hundal who 'stop pressed' Hilton late last night? He does seem to have a talent for engaging in japes and smear campaigns during the early hours, after all.

Anonymous said...

Go easy on him, Ian. It's not his fault; you have to be some sort of special dumb ass to support Labour, so it probably didn't occur to him to check his source out before publication. After all, it's not nice to mock the afflicted!

The important thing is the great Lady still lives on!

Steven Whaley said...

Why is he going to be on the sofa?

Far better that you make him sit crossed-legged on the floor wearing a dunce's hat. ;)

normal norman. said...

The very least that he should do is buy the Lady a nice bunch of flowers with apology attached. I doubt very much that he has the guts to make a public apology.

His failure to mention his published lie to Carole Thatcher says so much about his integrity.

I wonder, does he have a mother? How would he like it if someone who didn't like HIS mother published a similar LIE?

They surely like to dish it but rarely have the courage to take it.

PJ said...

6 Across 4,6 Danish King with wet feet. Anag.

Anonymous said...

UPDATE 6.47pm: Alex Hilton has just emailed to say he won't be joining us after all.

Hasn't he got the guts to face the music?

l8k8 said...

Why do you only have men on your show?

Ken from Gloucester said...

Obviously he lacks courage as well""

Typical Old Labour, nasty back stabbing fascists.

The sea change is at last taking place and I look forward to the end of the so called New (Old) Labour project.

Anonymous said...

Reports of Alex Hilton's appearance are 'greatly exaggerated'...

no longer anonymous said...

He was probably desperate for more blog readers. He took a gamble and ended up with a bloody nose. Serves him right.

Praguetory said...

I don't wish to start any rumours, but has anyone checked on Alex.

Tom Tyler said...

Stuff Alex Hilton, I was sorry I missed tonight's 18DS. I had (and still have) a certain question to put to Sunny Hundal re his recent Guido "exposé", but I needed to put it to him "live" as it were. Posting it up on a blog would be no use, I needed to see his facial reaction as it was read out, "on the fly". Oh well, it will keep. Some other time.

Anonymous said...

Poor old Wrinkled Weasel. Wrong, wrong, wrong again.

Still, there's always next time eh?

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