Monday, March 05, 2007

Battleship Dunwoody to Relaunch

All those wannabe Labour MPs casting their eyes over Crewe & Nantwich had better look elsewhere. Gwyneth Dunwoody has decided to stand again! She will be 84 at the end of the next Parliament.


nsfl said...

Great news. cheers.

Anonymous said...

I say this as a card-carrying Tory, but the only reason C&N is a safe Labour seat is Dunwoody's personal following. Nantwich is a wealthy market town that is natural Conservative territory - it was represented for years by Sir Nicholas Bonsor. Without Gwyneth C&N would be, at best, a Labour marginal.

I grew up in the constituency and I know from personal experience that she is devoted to her constituents. Not surprisingly, the C&N voters reciprocate!

She is also exactly what she appears to be. It's been amusing to see NuLab totally fail to understand that there are still a few Labour MPs who say what they believe and won't be bought or cowed.

I won't be voting for her, but Westminster would be poorer without her.

wrinkled weasel said...

Indeed, yes, anon 5:20

"She is also exactly what she appears to be"

And there is nothing wrong with being an old, birching, national service advocatin' eurosceptic, dominatrix visitin' Tory either.

Each to his or her own I say. The more independent minded MPs with integrity and opinions of their own, the better, rather than a rapid fire speak-your-weight machine programmed only to be on message.

Cos, Blears, I fear, brings me to tears. And Ed Balls, palls.

Chris Paul said...

What is Iain's point about GD's age at the end of the next parliament? Is Cameron about to announce a youth policy? My Gran is 101 next birthday and would make a better MP that half the Tory boys in parliament.

Anonymous said...

Indeed iain, are you ageist?

tonemcd said...

Good grief, you leftists are really something. Perhaps he was pointing out that the woman is capable of running for parliament (hardly a soft touch) and how there's life in the old girl yet?

Or perhaps he was pointing out that she's the one of the last of a dying breed - a Labour politician with some credibility and integrity.

Andrew Allison. A Conservative View said...

Good for her. Tony Blair has tried to silence her, but she will never be silenced. She loves parliament and loves her constituency. I wish there were more like her in all parties.

Chuck Unsworth said...

She's a cranky old bint, but I do so admire her. A real tough cookie. I've watched her tearing into witnesses of all sorts when in committee, always direct, incisive and to the point. And she's got bags of pace and energy.

I hope she lasts to at least 100. The C&N constituents are very, very fortunate.

BorisforPM said...

Gwyneth Dunwoody is a genuine, hardworking, tenacious parliamentarian who believes in her duty to her constituents above all else. She is a credit to the UK, and anonymous@5:20 is right - her personal straightforwardness and her ability as an MP are almost certainly what uphold her otherwise anomalous majority.

Opposition politicians like Gwyneth Dunwoody are going to make the next Conservative government a better government - and that is their true function in a democracy.

As for Chris Paul @5:38, I suspect GD would have even less time for your stirring than the rest of us. That she would stay in office until the age of 84 is unusual, and is noteworthy of itself without any further comment or prejudice. Stop trying to create "outrage" where there is none.

Anonymous said...

Gwyneth Dunwoody is fucking excellent - we need far more people like her willing to challenge decisions and scrutinise where our money is going.

The Queen is 80 and isn't retiring anytime soon. I hope GD goes on for another 20 years. She was involved in discussions a while ago about the dangers of piracy on the high seas.

If only she could be persuaded to go and have a stern word with some of them from the 'Battlecruiser Battleaxe' the problem of pirates might soon be solved !

Anonymous said...

Are you SURE that you haven't muddled up the photos with Francis maude?

Trumpeter Lanfried said...

The Government tried to boot her off the chair of the Transport Select Committee because she would keep asking awkward questions. In a rare fit of independence the Commons cut up rough and she kept her chair.

Her father, Morgan Phillips, and the late Richard Crossman were plaintiffs in a disgraceful lawsuit against The Spectator in the 1950s. The Spectator alleged, correctly, that they had been drunk at an international conference. The plaintiffs stitched up the evidence and The Spectator lost.

Anonymous said...

Sorry - I really can't join in the Dunwoody love-in. She does give good value to the media, but it's clear to me she's the worst type of conviction politician - her main conviction being that she's always right. As Transport Select Committee chairman, she has never been known to change her mind on anything, no matter how compelling the evidence put in front of her, and is invariably discourteous to those who dissent from her prejudices. Her Committee's reports are taken seriously by nobody, except the media.

I can't comment on her abilities as a constituency MP, but based on my dealings with her I'd say Westminster needs fewer of her sort, not more.

Anonymous said...

Unless the previous commenter knows what is said in the private session between the Transport Select Committee it seems to be a bit of a presumation that people don't alter their opinions.

Whether 'compelling' evidence is supplied or not surely the Committee's job is to vocalise it's opinion not the opinion of some other sectional interest.

In terms of influence, again without being privy to the conversations between Ministers and Committee members this seems to be specualtion at best.

Most Select Committees fail to secure the witnesses they require or to even remain in quorum, two things the Transport Select Committee are rarely guilty of. I fear for the sake of parliamentary scrutiny, other committees need to follow the Transport Select Committees lead.

Anonymous said...

Ghastly creature...shudder!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 2.04 pm -- "Most Select Committees fail to secure the witnesses they require or to even remain in quorum"

Evidence, please. Do you have the faintest idea what you are talking about?