Friday, March 09, 2007

A Bad Night on the Subs Bench

I think the subs on The Times today must have had the night off. On Page 28 they misspell their own reporter's name. Greg Hurst became Greg Hirst. On the same page they misspell Lord Attlee (calling him Lord Atlee) and they also say he was the son of the former PM. Actually he is the grandson. Better luck tomorrow chaps.


jailhouselawyer said...

I don't know, I've been called Geoff Hurst before, was a good footballer I'm led to believe, and better than some names I have been called.

BTW, I know you don't allow the "C" word on your blog, however, Dave is showing it on mine!

NotYetDoc said...

Haven't you got something better to do with your time at 12:04 AM rather than parse p28 of The Times for spelling errors?

Something better such as sleep for instance?

Iain Dale said...

Notyetdoc, good point, but it was pointed out to me in our paper review on 18 Doughty Street so I thought I'd post it before I head home to Tunbridge Wells.

Haven;t you got anything better to do than read blogs at 12.04am? Sleep perhaps? JOKE!

jailhouselawyer said...

notyetdoc: You mean like he won't parse me the ball?

Big GAY Al said...

Iain prefers the company of men.

Anonymous said...

Iain, I thought you let notyedoc get off rather lightly there. I am always having to tell off the BBC for something or other. Yesterday they were referring to that well known electric razor magnate Victor 'Kayam' ..

As for the Times, this is what will happen when they [and I suspect the Telegraph] cut back on journalists to pay for all this expensive new technology..!