Monday, March 06, 2006

Strange Emails About Norman Baker

Last week Norman Baker said he was resigning from the LibDem Shadow Cabinet. I have just received an email, which is obviously being circulated quite widely, which makes all sorts of allegations against Mr Baker, relating back to his time as leader of Lewes Council. I certainly shan't be repeating them here, as they strike me as crackpot, but there's someone out there who's clearly got a very big grudge against him. I assume his office will have seen the email, but if they haven't, and care to get in touch, I'll happily pass it on to them.


Inamicus said...

Don't think these are connected Iain. The anonymous allegations - which do appear to come from someone who is somewhat unhinged - have been around for a number of years.

Anonymous said...

Norman Baker is a lying pathetic excuse for a man who is trying to ruin Brighton and Hove Albion F.C. He has clearly told lies in the tedious and pointless fight againts Brighton's new stadium at falmer. The man is a waste of space and a much HATED man in Sussex.

Lou Coatney (1st Alamein) said...

As GUARDIAN has reported, Norman has taken up a reinvestigation of the continuing questions about the death of Dr. David Kelly. There was to be a TV program interview of him Monday night, June 12th, about this, but it has been delayed a week.

See the thread on Guardian Unlimited Talk at
for more. I also have 2 threads under "Inside Britain."

If Kelly was killed, it was illegal -- not defensible under the Official Secrets Act -- since he was whistleblowing on high crimes against international laws/treaties and your unwritten rumour of a British constitution.

This might explain the viciousness of the sudden attacks here and elsewhere on Norman. Kelly's death is the Silver Bullet issue to bring down Blair/"New Labour" neocon militarism in Britain and maybe even back here over in the States.

*I* hear the guy is first-rate, and he obviously has COURAGE. For God's sake, SUPPORT HIM.

Anonymous said...

Mr Baker, is a lier a cheat and has cost the tax payers of lewis a lot of money in POLL TAX because of his fight with Brighton & Hove Albions stadium.
He did not use the councils money but the peoples money.
I did inform the Primeminister of his lies and fraud against the people of Lewis, who are fed up with him. good riddance to him.

Anonymous said...

It's Lewes not Lewis you crackpot!