Friday, March 17, 2006

So Where Did the Other £9 Million Come From, Tony?

So we know where £4 million of the £13,950,000 in loans came from. From three people, each of whom we offered a Peerage. So that leaves £9,950,000 left then - and 9.95 peerages perhaps! Labour say they will account for it in their net accounts which will come out in June. I suspect Her Majesty's Press Corps won't be willing to wait that long.

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It's so clear what has happened here.

A few years ago it was noted that the Tories tend to have larger donors than Labour.

So Tony changed the rules to ensure that donations of more than £5000 were reported. After all, the voters don't like their leaders to be bankrolled by fat cats do they? Tory sleaze & all that.

But then, Tony found himself short of a few bob to run his next election campaign. What to do, what to do... Then Tonys mucker, Lord Levy comes up with a spiffing wheeze...

"Some of these fat cats Tone," he says, "They don't care about who's in power you know, selfish bunch they are.."

"Nothing wrong wi' that" says Tone

"No, course not" says Levy, "But here's the thing, lots of em aspire to stuff you know, like honours and suchlike."

"Of really?"

"Oh yes, and I know one or two who might be persuaded to stump up serious wonga for, I don't know, a peerage or something."

"Excellent!" says Tone, giving Levy the benefit of his 150 watt smile, "Oh, but, one problem, we have to declare all donations over 5 grand now don't we... that'll look bad..."

"No problem Tone," says Levy, "We'll won;t call them donations, we'll call them loans. You don't have to declare loans do you?"

"Er.... no."

"Great", and then when they get their peerages, the "loans" can be quietly forgotten about eh?"

"Well Done" says Tone, the smile now up to 250 watts, "Better not tell old Jack Dromey though, he's funny about things like this and he can't keep a secret."

leon said...

Economist editor calls for Blair to quit:,,1733225,00.html

wonkotsane said...

It's ok, Tony said he won't do it again. I'm convinced. Long live King Tony.