Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The NHS - Safe in Their Hands?

Rarely have I been so shocked. And that's saying something. Dr Crippen has an excellent blog, detailing his life as GP. His most recent entry should be picked up by an investigative journalist. Read it HERE and prepare to be appalled, particularly by the picture. But make sure you read it to the end.


carol42 said...

This is a wonderful blog that I have been reading for some time. Only trouble is it makes me so depressed that I am saving the pills against the day when I may be consigned to the care of the NHS if I am too old or ill to care for mtself!

barbara worth said...


Shocking is the word. My mother is in the final stages of a terminal neurological illness and has only been saved from this sort of thing by a combination of private treatment and my father's 24/7 devotion. (We found that even expensive private nurses needed to be watched very carefully when she was being cared for at home. Now she is in a nursing home he feels it is necessary to go in and feed her himself every day or it just isn't done properly).

Perhaps you could draw this story to the attention of your friends at Sky?

I think this raises wider questions of how we deal with elderly people's long term care. Clearly people deserve to live out their natural life and die with dignity if that is their wish. However, my daughter has strict instructions to smother me with a pillow if I become a burden.