Sunday, March 12, 2006

LibDems Losing Members & Activists?

This, from the delightful Suzanne Lamido on her BLOG. She's a LibDem activist in Islington...

Met my neighbour this morning who says he is no longer voting for the Lib Dems and isn't renewing his membership. As for delivering leaflets nobody should dare ask him again. Don't know what to say to him. Told me quite bluntly I'm wasting my time - loyalty can only go so far. Feel very disturbed that we have lost a whole local delivery network of people in my ward St Georges since last week all who aren't going to renew their subs.

I wonder if this is being replicated elsewhere.


Jonathan Sheppard said...

Is it the Ming effect? Or are the people who deliver for the Lib dems realising they arent the nice local party that they normally try to portray themselves as?

elephunt said...

Like the new blog layout although I'd drop the pic of yourself peering over a book: you look like a serial killer.

Sunny said...

Isn't it a bit early to start being triumphant Iain? ;)

Tim said...

Iain, looking at the rather criptic comment from the Cllr in her comments section, I'm guessing this is over a local defection issue (several LD councillor have defected recently)...I may be wrong, but it seems that is the main cause.

Valerie said...

Susanne Lamido isn't a councillor...

We've had two people renew in Vauxhall because Ming was elected. And the delivers are all doing fine.

Iain Dale said...

Valerie, sorry, I obviously misinterpreted her blog. I have corrected it to say activist.

Cllr David Morton said...

They have been in power a while in Islington and you would expect a bit of churn. I have been astonished at how stable things have been locally while the national party has been knocking seven bells out of each other.

But thats over now.

I like the new lay out a lot save for the england flag which looks a little sinister.

Anonymous said...

"I wonder if this is being replicated elsewhere."

In a word, no. Went out surveying at the weekend - couple of new deliverers and a new member plus good support.

Anonymous said...

why is the st George's flag sinister......?

real islingtonoan said...

Susanne Lamido is neither a councillor nor an activist! In fact, "Lib Dem" is rather stretching the point.

Her blog comment might perhaps be related to the fact that a few days ago she stood unsuccesfully to be selected as a candidate for St George's ward. Rumour has it that she gained just a solitary vote (presumably her own).

Lamido's views & comments on anything shouldn't be taken as any kind of yardstick.

Apollo Project said...

Iain, if it is happening its not a unique phenomenon:

"Dear Francis,

Please cancel my membership of the Conservative Party with immediate effect as I am leaving to establish an independent grouping for disillusioned Conservatives to both express their opposition to the current direction of the party and to promote their core values at the ballot box.

This independent grouping, registered with the Electoral Commission under the name ‘Internationalist’ will facilitate local independent conservatives to promote core conservative values with real equality, avoiding any preference or prejudice for any candidate based on their sex, sexuality, race or religion, in stark contrast to the Tory Party’s new centrally controlled A-list that actively creates prejudice under the banner of ‘positive discrimination’. This party has no grand aim to become a large party, but is a vehicle for like-minded Conservatives to make a principled stand in an effort to reach those Conservatives who have simply stopped voting.

21st century modern parties should work without preference or prejudice, knocking down walls of prejudice for all, not providing ladders of preference for a selected few in a misguided attempt to control party make-up, instead of introducing genuinely democratic methods to enable it to flourish naturally.

The Tory Party has not only abandoned its traditional supporters but has also isolated genuine modernisers like myself who believe that spin and presentation is not a replacement for principles, and that a consistent application of values, principles and policies is essential whether promoting conservatism in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

You cannot promote equality whilst peddling “positive discrimination”.

You cannot pledge localism and empowering local communities whilst centrally controlling candidate selection.

You cannot promise tax-cutting in Scotland whilst demanding “sharing the proceeds of growth” in England.

You cannot pledge to leave the EPP as part of a leadership platform then fail to deliver once in power.

You cannot take a position on war then cynically flip-flop in a bid to win a by-election without losing face to those who hold a principled position.

It takes some effort to isolate both traditionalists and genuine modernisers in the party, but you have succeeded.

As a progressive conservative, I am disappointed that the hope of reform has proven little more than a confusing and insincere media exercise.

I had hoped that the wave of goodwill the party has received from those of us desperate for real conservative values to make it to government would lead to a genuinely progressive agenda, but, unfortunately, that has not happened. I cannot be part of a cynical press project, as it debases everything I stand for.

No-one more than me wishes that the changes in the party had been genuine and principled. Opposition to a Britain under Gordon Brown is not enough to go along with this project any longer, as real Conservatives seek a government with values, not another pr machine.

Thanks and regards,
Chad Noble"

{I'll be interested to see if this gets through the coments filter ;) ]

Iain Dale said...

Apollo, Chad Noble is quite simply not a Conservative. He is all over the place as a cursory read of his website would show. I suspect many would view his departure (after all of a few weeks) as a blessed relief!

Anonymous said...

What Susanne is referring to I think was a clearly orchestrated Hustings where two hard working Councillors, Graham Baker(St Georges) and Doreen Scott (Holloway)were unceromoniously ditched. Cllr Baker brought members from his ward to vote for him but it didn't help.

There have been many reports and interviews in local newspapers concerning Doreen Scott the disabled councillor and ex Mayor.

It was a shameful affair.

Matthew said...

real islingtonoan said... AKA Dominic. Give it a rest people are getting tired of you keep going on about Susanne. How many years, it's about time you changed the record.

OK you don't like her but that's no justifcation for you to keep mouthing her off at every opportunity.

What do you mean she's not a proper Lib Dem? That is just being spiteful. As for not being an activists what gave you the right to pass such a judgement. She is well respected in the party and a hard worker.

What you have been saying is going around and one day will bounce back on you. Remember what goes around comes around you sanctimonious twit.

real islingtonian said...

>> Uh-err, try again, 'Matthew'!