Saturday, March 04, 2006

Just When I Was Feeling Proud of Myself...

I have spent the last two months dieting, and, even if I say so myself, I've done rather well. I've lost over a stone and a half simply by eating low fat foods, eating lots of fruit and drinking lots of water. I've cut out all the junk - no crisps (painful), no fizzy drinks (very painful), no cakes and biscuits (don't ask) and worst of all no chocolate. As you can tell, I have rather a sweet tooth. To go without a Mars Bar or a Kit Kat for two months is something no one should have to go through. But today has seen all the good work undone. My American mate, who I'm spending the weekend with, in, well, you'll just have to wait, has so far today forced me to eat a Ham Omlette with chips for breakfast, a Beef Kebab with chips for lunch and now wants me to go for a Mexican. Can someone rescue me please? I have (or had!) lost four inches of my waistline and have had to insert two more knotches into my belt. I can't go back. HEEELLLPPP!


Anonymous said...

Suggest you obtain a copy of Paul McKenna's "I can make you thin" (Bantam Press) - a snip at only £9.99 to us mere mortals but probably free and gratis to you via Politico's if you promise to give it a plug.
I shall expect a commission of £10 for each pound in weight you lose over the next 4 weeks - agreed?

Peter from Putney

Anonymous said...

Chips for breakfast, you must be in Brussels....or Blackpool.

Toots said...

I too can vouch for the dreadful Mr McKenna - seems gimicky, but hey, it works, so who blinkin' cares!

I did a jolly overseas for a few days last week and even lost a pound or two in the face of significant temptation there. And I think it was largely due to McK "programming".

I've bunged the CD that comes with the book on the iPod and use it as a relaxation thingy when I'm going to sleep.

I'm also keeping a food diary on a website called Weight Loss Resource which I reckon is hugely helpful.

I've lost a stone and a pound since New Year - not as much as your shrinkage but I'm a girly and about a foot shorter than you.

Anonymous said...

No 'Song for Eurovision' commentary this year Iain?