Friday, March 10, 2006

A Funny Thing Happened This Morning

You know those weird coincidences which you just can't explain? Well, a funny thing happened to me this morning. I had just finished an interview with News 24 from the BBC Tunbridge Wells studios on the death of John Profumo and I was walking back to the car. I put my iPod on, and bearing in mind it has nearly 11,000 tracks on it, guess what the first song to appear was? Dusty Springfield singing the theme from Scandal, the movie about the Profumo affair. Spooky eh?


Inamicus said...

I remember driving to work on a misty morning, seeing the disc of the sun slowly emerge through the haze, and humming "Here Comes The Sun" to myself.... seconds later the Today programme on the car radio announced the death of George Harrison

Jonathan Sheppard said...

I remember Tony Blair getting elected..... they played Things Can Only Get Better..... d'oh!