Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Creation of a European Army

An interesting article on the MakeSocialismHistory blog on the creeping development of a European Army.


Anonymous said...

Conspiratorial garbage - back in the same old theme that we must distrust everything that other European countries do, but never wat the USA or others do.

Solana is the High Representative of the Member States, in the area of CFSP they tell him what to do.

So this nations deciding that increased shared procurement etc would be a good thing, which is what I thought the free marketeers were all supposed to be for? And are we really suggesting that we cannot trust other European countries enoyugh to co-operate on shared military technology or defence co-operation? We have been doing both for decades with no obvious problems - and with less of the one-arm-behind-or-back that came with Polaris/rident etc.
Remember Westland anyone?

Please - let's get away from the Continentals are all nuts about an EU army nonsense. More than half a dozen of the EU states are formally neutral, two are proud permanent members of the security council - can you really see some form of common army or policy coming out of that?

Peace-keeping, policing etc. is entirely another thing, and a good thing as well.

Theo Spark said...

I can't remember the last time the Europeans supported us! Or stuck around long enough to fight!