Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Babs Says "Bring Back Maggie"

I've never liked Barbara Streisand. I find her voice grating. I do realise I'm in a minority on this one, but there you go. But she's starting to redeem herself in my eyes. Click HERE to read why.


Anonymous said...

I think you should stick with your first thoughts - her voice is irritating, ahe has been out of vogue for some time but she mainatins a band of loyal, esoteric followers. Sound like anyone you can think of?

Bob Piper said...

Streisland's voice was positively beautiful compared with that strident witch. It's OK for her. She didn't have to live here through the dark days of Mordor.

RememberRinka said...

Bob: you are mad. Do you remember the 1970s? UK - Economic sick man of Europe going cap in hand to IMF, winter of discontent, etc?

In the unlikely event that Bob had been carried to power in 1979 what would he have done that Maggie did not? Carry on subsidising grossly unprofitable state owned enterprises as the Government drowned in debt and taxed wealth creators to the gills? Given more power to the unions? Allowed bent local authorities to continue running all housing stock into the ground?

Well that is what would have happened had not the wonderful Maggie been swept to power. It is, no doubt, Bob's way to paradise.

Babs may be well over the hill in terms of singing but only Bobs tries to rewrite history in a completely mad fashion.

Bob Piper said...

I probably wouldn't have done any of those things, but you seem to have a two dimensional view of the world. There are other options. It is a bit like me saying what would the Tories do if they got back into power? Return to rampant inflation like Black Wednesday? Put three million plus people back on the dole? Encourage Ministers to take 'bungs' in return for asking questions? Create ';Enterprise Zones' with rate free allowances which leads to the devesatation of our high streets? Roll back the Irish peace process so that we return to hundreds of violent deaths of soldiers and civilians every year? Of course they wouldn't. But whether they would follow the same route as Labour has now is I think equally unlikely. Life is not a yes/no interlude rememberinka. I includes complexities too.