Saturday, December 06, 2008

Justin Webb on the Clintons Marriage of Convenience

I've never quite understood those on the Right who believe the BBC's Justin Webb to be a raving leftie. I've usually found him to be completely fair in his reporting. In today's FROM OUR OWN CORRESPONDENT he has just done a wonderful demolition job on the Clintons. He ended it with these words (which I think I have remembered correctly...

The problem isn't Hillary. The problem isn't even Bill. The problem is THEM.
His central thesis was that theirs is a marriage of convenience and one which doesn't stand very close scrutiny. He clearly believes Hillary's appointment as Secretary of State is one which is going to rebound on Obama. I agreed.

Justin's essay (written version) can be read HERE.


Adrian Owens said...


I completely agree with your view of Justin Webb. He clearly loves America and I always find his reports thought provoking.

Not quite everyone at the BBC is a red!

Jaz said...

Webb should just migrate and and ask for American citizenship. The lefties have hated the Clintons for years, just as they will hate Obama in a few years when he will be replaced by another "leftie love"

BBC journalism hitting the gutter these days.

Jimmy said...

Obama is no fool. If it's a risk it's a calculated one. He's removed a possible rival from the Senate and now effectively has the power to end her career if she steps out of line.

Ed said...

The topic is on Justin Webb, please forgive me if I go of topic.

One day the world will wake up to the fact of how Bill Clinton, his wife and their various cronies were prime movers in the sub-prime mortgage build up.

Until then we will sadly be finding false culprits, as in looking in a mirror.

NameHere said...

The problem with Justin Webb, I have found, is not his politics but his condescending nature.

canvas said...

I tend to think that Hillary will be Bad Cop to Obama's Good Cop - and that will serve him well.

Nigel said...

It's no bigger gamble than leaving Clinton out of the administration. The President had no power to control Senators.
I'm confident that President Obama will manage his Secretary of State well.

As for Justin Webb, I wouldn't accuse him of bias.
I wouldn't accuse him of great insight, either.

BJ said...

Justin Webb? He's bloody brilliant.

Ramakrishna said...

you know it is just a shame that there are people like Justin Webb who are quick to tear up the clintons or who ever they like to look themselves good. I pray justin what is your arriage like? what does your living room look like? Why you bigoted brits love this is beyond me.
I wish there were more PG wodehouses and less Justin webbs. Keep him to yourselves bruits, We have the hannities and l.
imbaughs tear down the clintons

supergrass said...

It's up to Hillary, she can choose to continue the Billary drama or she can choose to actually achieve something as a politician. I think she knows very well Bill was more a liability than asset for her campaign, she needs to think very hard how to "manage" Bill better this time.