Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Unashamed Lies of Mr Kennedy

I've been on to the LibDem Press Office for some clarification about some of their leaders comments (ie lies) about his condition...

On 5 January 2005 on the Today Programme, Mr Kennedy said: "[A]s I said in an interview before Christmas - if there's a perception of anxiety on that score there needn't be"

TRANSLATION: "Actually, I'm lieing. There should be."

On 18 December 05 his office issued a statement rebutting Paul Marsden story in the Mail on Sunday."Paul Marsden is claiming that Charles Kennedy had a drink problem, which Charles Kennedy strenuously denies. The Mail on Sunday made clear that we dispute his 'facts' and his allegations."

TRANSLATION: "We are lieing but we can't admit it."

On Dimbleby, on ITV1, 18 December 05 Jonathan Dimbleby asked: "Has it been a battle to stay off the booze, have you had to have medical support in any way at all?""No, no, no, that is not the case, it is a matter on all fronts - if there's something my doctor really wants me to do over this holiday period as a matter of fact, is give up smoking and I think he's right," said Mr Kennedy."

TRANSLATION: "Well, actually, the last bit's true, but the first bit's a lie. I just can't stop lieing, can I?"

To Jeremy Paxman on Newsnight, July 2002: "How much do you drink?" Mr Paxman asked. "Moderately, socially, as you well know", was the reply."You don't drink privately?""What do you mean, privately?" "By yourself, a bottle of whisky late at night?" "No, I do not, no."

TRANSLATION: "Well if you had to lead this rag bag of a party, wouldn't you want to get bladdered of an evening?"

Glad that's cleared that up then.

PS Sorry about the picture. It seems I got the wrong Kennedy...


malcolm said...

Politician tells lies,shock!!!Perhaps before we get too sanctimonious we might like to remember Westland,Matrix Churchill or the 'dodgy dossiers' that made the case for the Iraq war.
I wish Charles Kennedy the best of luck.

Tom Watson said...

Come on - give the guy a break. He's fighting a drink problem. His colleagues are using that to further their own duplicitous ends. I say we should stand by Charlie. Take him out for his politics, not his illness.

Iain Dale said...

Tom, you're living in dreamland. I am amzed that CK's colleagues have tolerated his behaviour for so long. Of course on a human level I feel sorry for him - who wouldn't - but the fact is if he had come forward voluntarily and told the truth I think he might possibly have been able to survive it. But not now.

Anonymous said...

"lieing" - standards really are slipping