Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Stalham, P45 and a Foot Spa

Went to Stalham this morning and talked to many people and shopkeepers in the High Street about the Tesco effect. This afternoon was spent in some of the bigger villages in the eastern part of the constituency. My day was considerably brightened by an article in the Norwich Evening News saying I was set to oust the Liberal Democrats. It contained a rather rattled quote from Norman Lamb, who even offered to show me his canvass returns. Norman, I don't need to see them - my own give me all the information I need to know that on May 5th one of us will be collecting a P45 - and it isn't me... Did an interview with Radio Norfolk on Council Tax today and also talked to the Lynn News. I've also finalised a policy document which will be released next week. The feet are bad again today - I need a foot spa!


Anonymous said...

Isn't hindsight a wonderful thing.

Claiming your canvass returns were showing you were going to win AND that Norman Lamb's were wrong. Also, claiming that the Lib Dem were not campaigning in the council estates in Fakenham (how wrong can you be - Did you count how many poster boards that were up in the council estates in Fakenham ?)

Just goes to show, you get what you deserve in life, and it was't Norman Lamb collecting his P45 !

Lilbasia said...

Rather infantile to hear a serious politician resorting to these tactics. Merely confirms my belief in Norman Lamb is well-placed. I am equally confident, that given his track recrd in North Norfolk, he and his party will continue to represent the people of the area.
Grow up Mister Dale! You expect anyone to take you seriously speaking like this?