Sunday, August 01, 2010

And Down to Number 84...

Oh, the sheer humiliation of it! Down 58 places! Will I ever live it down?

The Independent on Sunday publishes its annual Pink List today and I'm down from 26 last year to 84 this. The one consolation is that they still reckon I'm worth two places higher than Chris Bryant. This is what they say.

84. Iain Dale
Falls 58 places after failing to secure a constituency in this year's election, but has cemented his position as a leading political commentator. He publishes Total Politics magazine and his blog Iain Dale's Diary is among the most respected. More influential outside politics than in.

The funny thing is that when last year's list was compiled I wasn't even trying for a constituency. Just shows you can never row against the conventional wisdom.

These lists are great fun, especially when you see a name and you think 'whhhhhaaaatttt?' I must admit that was my reaction when they listed Gareth Thomas and Mary Portas as joint number ones. And Alan Carr at number 6. Oh dear oh dear.

I was suprised to see that my friend Andrew Pierce was excluded ... because he works for the Daily Mail. Good to see an old prejudice alive and well at the Indy on Sunday!


Anonymous said...

Ah but don't they know Pink has been replaced by purple
maybe you should generate the Purple List

All Seeing Eye said...

Who are Gareth Thomas and Mary Portas? At least I know Alan Carr is a tedious bloke on the telly.

And certainly not buying that "newspaper" to find out who else I don't know who was rated higher than you.

Gallimaufry said...

It's because you look fatter than last year? Just encouraging you to lose weight.

Anonymous said...

Good God it's like a kind of Homoluminati. If Alan Carr ever makes it to #1 we're finished.

Anonymous said...

But doesn't the idea of a 'pink list' undermine any attempt to simply ignore peoples sexuality. Is it not time for this sort of think to be kicked into touch?

Is not the choice of 'pink' with its soppy girlie connotations also just pathetic and demeaning?

I do not see that 'purple makes it any better or indeed any colour. Its pejorative it separatist.

If you want to make a 'top' list of all the raving queens 'in the meedja' who make a living by being outrageously camp then go ahead.

Danny Law said...

What i love is the selective way the backgrounds of the people on the Pink List are reported.

Any idea that people like Mary Portas and Gareth Thomas have been previously married (for quite some time) is totally ignored. The concept of bisexuality is disregarded. If the reader didn’t know better - they would assume these people had been 'gay' all their life.

Moreover i don’t think it is a coincidence that both No.1's have both been previously married. Promoting the idea that swapping from straight to gay is considered a good thing by those compiling the list and making them no 1 expresses that approval. Whilst at the same time not stating the fact so that the readers can judge for themselves

Why does the Independent do this?

I suspect that the meme of this Pink list is that GAY equals good, straight equals not so good.

In other words i suspect that this Pink list is much more about glorifying being gay than anything to do with equality.

jkr said...

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Cynic said...

I am very upset. I always thought Mary Portas was very, how shall I say, fruity. And I learn now that it shall never be!

Richard Wells said...

So David Starkey wasn't included because he was a bit nasty about a few people? Is everyone on the list all sweet and lovely about every other person then?

Or could it be that he wasn't very careful, though extremely accurate, about his choice of who he was nasty about?

"The French take culture seriously. We have Ben Bradshaw"

Among of the compilers of this list: Ben Bradshaw

Poor little bitter Ben!

kasou said...

Well I still rely on you even more now since the Times wall

Regards Keith (Sweden)

kasou said...

Well I still read you.

Keith (Sweden)

Anonymous said...

The notion that Bradshaw is a compiler is a joke.

The man is an odious twat.

No wonder you have dropped down the list. Tells us all we need to know about the Independent. Good to see Danny telling it like it is.

Paddy Briggs said...

I wonder how many "Spoofs" there are in the list - It was a word coined on "I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue" for someone who pretends to be Gay !!