Friday, August 08, 2008

Last Chance to Vote for Your Top Ten Blogs

There are only a few hours for you to vote for your Top Ten Political Blogs. Voting closes at midnight tonight. So if you haven't already done it, please email your Top Ten Political Blogs to


Happy Harriet Harman said...


I'd like to know why you have refused to list me in your Total Politics Blog Directory!? I have certainly added myself hundreds of times.
Instead you have put the old defunct official blog of mine that I don't even bother to update anymore. Clearly you are trying to make me look like some kind of idiot.

Don't forget to add it, please.



Dave Cole said...

Just out of interest, when will the lists be available?

Iain Dale said...

The book will be published in early September. But it will also be on the Total Politics website as a PDF. I'll also cover some of the main lists on the blog, obviosuly.

Iain Dale said...

Harriet, you haven't looked very hard, have you? You are indeed listed for both blogs!

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Is the "How To Lose Belly Fat" ad that goes with this post aimed at poor Harriet?

Anonymous said...


Morus said...


We've had a few snarky comments from our posters that to read as many as ten political blogs a day is the preserve of extremely sad people - largely aimed at me, I suspect, after I gave a list of some of my lesser-known favourites!

Being fascinated by all things related to polling and psephology, will you abide by BPC standards and let us know number of votes cast and percentages for each blog in the top 100?! Small changes year-on-year could begin to add up, and indicate the true likelihood of swing to the Left that some expect when Labour takes power.