Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Is Gordon Brown At It Again?

You will recall the story I ran a couple of weeks ago where I accused Gordon Brown's spin team of bullying the Sunday lobby. Well, it appears the Great Clunking Fist has been at it again.

Last night the Conservatives were told that the only Minister speaking at the Association of Chief Police Officers Conference in Manchester today was Police Minister Tony McNulty. Shadow Home Secretary David Davis is also speaking. Davis will have been somewhat surprised to learn this morning via the Today Programme that Gordon Brown is now due to speak.

So the question is: was ACPO under instruction not to tell the Conservatives about Brown's speech, or was it hastily arranged in the small hours of this morning? I think I know which my money is on.


Bob Piper said...

Can anyone hear the sound of a dead horse being flogged?

chatterbox said...

Oh god, don't tell me that Brown will be running around the country as PM turning up at events with the details being kept secret until the last minute, with people being told on a "need to know" basis. |
This is the kind of behaviour you normally expect from politicians visiting countries with a security risk like Iraq or Northern Ireland a few years ago. Is he that paranoid and will the lobby finally find its spine when it comes to the control freakery of this Labour government?

Ed said...

I think I heard him (Brown) on the XFM news this morning - he's obviously more down with the kids than Blair ever was.

Chuck Unsworth said...

Who would trust Brown in any sense? I wouldn't.

Then again, who would trust ACPO or its privileged members?

McNulty is history, anyway. He may be present to make the latest (Treasury) announcements, but he's not going to last.

It'll be interesting to see how they react to Davis, though.

damian.mcbride@hm-treasury.x.gsi.gov.uk said...


this is a bit desperate. I'm no fan of GB but you lose credibility with stupid stories like this.

Middle Englander said...

Gosh - hold the front page!

jailhouselawyer said...

Bob Piper: Neigh...

Unity said...

And you point is, Iain?

What are you trying to suggest here?

That your party should be given 7 days notice of Brown's public appearances and a copy of his planned speech 72 hours in advance to allow time to draft a rebuttal?

Oh, and as you mention that whole business of accusing Brown's 'spin team' of bullying the Sunday lobby once again, did you even get around to apologising to anyone other than Patrick Hennessy for getting the 'story' wrong or providing any evidence to substantiate your allegation in the face of four express denials from political editors who wrote up the story?

Just curious, that's all...

Iain Dale said...

Unity, the question is simply this. Why were the Conservatives told last night that McNulty was the opnly government minister speaking? I'm assuming that ACPO weren't deliberately lying.

Anonymous said...

A Cameroon Tory accusing Brown of spinning is a little bit rich isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Let's hope the Police arrest Brown for gurning in public. It'll be impossible for him to give a speech without that bizarre 'gulping' open-mouth, jutting jaw tic that afflicts him and which he seems incapable of controlling.

Anonymous said...

Brown to visit the VoPo - so what's news there?

"100% pay rise for those moving to Stasi duties", perhaps?

Or, again, the announcement of the new undercover cigarette smoking ban enforcement agency; with powers to force people caught smoking to spend their cash in one of Brown's approved casinos so as to keep the tax-take up?

AnyoneButBlair said...

Bob - can anyone hear the sound of a dead government being flogged?
PS I believe I owe you £20 for a rash bet that Blair would be forced out. I'll send you an email for you to kindly let me know where to send the moolah

Ed said...

Bob Piper's talents are wasted here, perhaps he should go into parliament!

sniper said...


vervet said...

Bob Piper said...

"Can anyone hear the sound of a dead horse being flogged?"

Yes Bob ..... every time you post a comment.

Anonymous said...

Who cares about that?! It's soap opera polictics. Focus on this: 13.5% double digit money supply growth!!! Are you bloggers totally economically illiterate? Do you even know what the significance of that true inflation is?

Bob Piper said...

vervet.... you are a shining wit? Were you born with the talent or did you have to learn it?

Anonymous said...

iain, probably the latter - things can be fixed up quickly, you know. and acpo wouldnt want to diss david davis - they dont have a dog in the fight, as it were.

you'd be amazed what can happen when you're chancellor/the next pm. things tend to get sorted pdq.

Chris Paul said...

Hastily arranged you think Iain? Perhaps.

Why the hell should the LP tell the Tories or indeed anyone everyone's diary and movements?

It is highly normal for a goodly proportion of such speeches and appearances to be kept schtum.

Mr Cameron does it now, even as the leader of a listless bunch of oppositionists who have lost their way. He never asked me if he could go and get down with the Asians in Brum.

I don't think he even asked Bob Piper.

What a manipulative so and so.

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londonerr said...

I think Brown wanting to announce spending in the wake of Blair's amnesty-for-criminals announcement tells me a lot about this man. He's painting himself as Mr Good News. But, I wish he'd start washing his hair again now he's in the public eye.

It is usual for potentates to give amnesties on special occasions and upon their leaving. Here we have Blair continuing a long-held tradition.

The Great Clunking Fisk said...

I have published the outline of my speech and my plan to tackle crime. I am sorry that my upstaging David Davis put his nose out of joint. You Tories still have not got used to Labour being in power. We do not need to seek your permission to lead.

judith said...

I think it is down to a matter of courtesy - if both Parties are asked to send reps to a conference, you expect to have people of equal ranking.

So suddenly sending your almost-there-but-not-quite Party Leader at the last moment is pretty shitty behaviour.

Anonymous said...

Judith @ 9.28

But what else should you expect from a bunch of shits, but shitty behaviour?