Sunday, June 06, 2004

Winning one for the Gipper

I just received an email from one of my best friends, who lives in Washington. I met Daniel in 1992 when he was over here working for Patrick Thompson MP in Norwich North. We hit it off instantly and even though he is 3000 miles away he remains the friend how understands me best of all.

In 1994 Daniel and I took our fathers to the Normandy beaches just before the 50th anniversary events. It was one of the most moving few says of my life. Daniel's father died four years ago yesterday. Here's an email he sent me last night. In the subject line he wrote "You've got to win North Norfolk for the Gipper, Iain!"

"I am sad beyond words. Today is the day four years ago that Ed died and today we lost Reagan. I am now off on vacation through the June 18th but look forward to talking to you upon my return. Nancy and I are now back in DC-- home again if you will. We will remember and honor both of them on the campaign trail as you speak truth, think boldly and simply be yourself."

Well said.

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Anonymous said...

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