Saturday, February 26, 2005

Wind Power

A very good COMMENT piece in The Guardian today about wind power. I've made clear my view that wind power is not the way forward if we are serious about reducing CO2 emissions.


Anonymous said...

There were some good comments about the By election results in the Guardian as well did you see them.

Iain Dale said...

I did indeed. Whether they were 'good' or not is a matter for debate!

What did you think of the wind power piece? I'd be genuinely interested to hear.

Anonymous said...

Have not read it - I am a Telegraph reader. But I will get someone to source it for me.

Iain Dale said...

It is linked from my original Post. Just click on the word COMMENT.

Anonymous said...

What do you think is the solution if it isn't wind power? I have to say I disagree with the argument that they look ugly. Power stations look far far worse!

Lady Finchley said...


You read the Telegraph? A Tory rag?

Well, lawks a mercy me!

Toots said...

I'm so glad one politician (and I'm sooo not a Tory!) has seen beyond the iconic value of wind turbines. Once you start to dig into the research there is all the difference in the world, at a macro level, between electricity generated in the field by the turbines and CO2 emmissions reduced.

The media is starting to grasp this fact.

I'm just saddened that so much money (and effort)is going into wind power which should be directed at really effective methods of reducing CO2.