Monday, August 16, 2004

Cromer Gridlock

I sent out a press release last night on traffic problems in Cromer. I did interviews about it on North Norfolk Radio & Radio Norfolk today...

Conservative Parliamentary Candidate Iain Dale has called for urgent action to be taken over Cromer's growing roads paralysis.

Iain says: "Gridlock affects everyone - local residents, holidaymakers, local businesses, buses and taxis alike. But it is threatening to ruin local livelihoods, especially among local taxi drivers. A normal journey of 3-4 minutes from Safeways to the Doctors Surgery on Overstrand Road is taking on average 23 minutes. One day last week it took a particular taxi driver 42 minutes to cover that journey. The last thing we want is for anyone to steer clear of Cromer because of traffic jams."

Iain describes the traffic jams in the town as "environmental madness". He says: "More that £2.5 million has been spent on the regeneration of Cromer yet the result of the changes in traffic management has been stationary cars spewing out tons of pollutants. We need to get Cromer moving again. One of the main problems is the pedestrian crossing outside Woolworths, which clearly needs to be reset."

Iain is urging anyone with ideas to solve the gridlock in Cromer to contact him. "I will be discussing this issue with my district and county council colleagues to see what can be done."

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letsgetrealhere said...

Leave this delightful town as it is; just because cars come to a standstill for a few minutes is no reason to destroy the environs of the Gem of the Norfolk Coast by putting in a bypass.
Let the 'free market' prevail: if the roads become impassable owing to congestion, then people will find other means of transport - a good use for the time spent by drivers bad-temperedly drumming their fingers on the steering wheel in Hamilton Road would be to reflect on whether they really needed to make that journey on wheels. Perhaps the excellent bus services around Cromer can be developed further and the fiasco regarding the bus station can be resolved.