Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Daley Dozen: Tuesday

1. Fraser Nelson puts forward the case for raising interest rates.
2. Nick Robinson analyses the new guy at No10.
3. Dick Puddlecote publishes a letter from a rather disgruntled man.
4. Ranjit Sidhu thinks the Chinese economy may still crash.
5. Julia Manning wants to raise the status of caring.
6. John Broughton won't be voting for more powers for the Welsh Assembly.
7. Anna Racoon never sees a kind word in the Guardian.
8. David Blackburn reckons the government is getting a reputation.
9. Walaa Idris thinks it is time to pop the question.
10. Biased BBC exposes Marcus Brigstocke as a hypocrite.
11. Duncan Robinson has the Hamilton's Ghost picture. Cringe.
12. No to AV unveil their new campaign video:

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